This New Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Features John Boyega And Tons Of New Details!

As the Millennium Falcon comes out in hyperspace in just a week for the open beta, Star Wars Battlefront II gives a lot of new things that the first Battlefront failed to do – in terms of content overall.

The “This is Star Wars Battlefront II” trailer features Finn, our dude who betrayed the First Order, where he discusses the things we have to expect for Star Wars Battlefront II.

And this time, it’s bigger, better, and exciting! So, what are these new details, you ask?

In Star Wars Battlefront II, the new trailer reveals that the game will have 18 locations across all eras such as Fondor and Starkiller Base, 14 playable heroes, and 39 starfighters and land vehicles.

In addition to gameplay, Star Wars Battlefront II rolls in the unit classes back like first two Star Wars Battlefront by Pandemic Studios! The Star Card system has been revised and improved; as well as the new Crate system where players can unlock various of unlockables including Star Cards.

Multiplayer modes include the new Starfighter Assault, Galactic Assault (the 40-player mode), Blast, Strike, and the fan favorite Heroes vs. Villains.

You can check the full trailer below:

Star Wars Battlefront II comes out November 17 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The open beta official starts next week on October 6 across all platforms. If you’re going to dive into the beta on PC, check the system requirements here.