New World Guide: Where to Find Iron Ore

Looking for Iron Ore? Here are the best locations to mine them.

New World is a new MMORPG by Amazon and has already garnered a lot of praise due to its gameplay mechanics. There are tons of things to collect, which are also important for acquiring wealth, materials for crafting, food, and more.

One of those important resources is Iron Ore, which is used for making new weapons and armor. Check out all of the New World Iron Ore locations.

Best Places to find Iron Ore in New World

new world iron ore

There are several locations that you can find Iron Ore in New World and really they are all scattered about. There are, of course, the ones with tons of it in almost one place. Check out these locations:

  • South of Cutlass Keys Town
  • Northeast of Monarch’s Bluffs Town
  • Southeast of Windward Town
  • North of First Light Town

You can never miss them really. They look like light brown boulders stuck on the ground or on some rock and you just need to mine them. There is no requirement for mining Iron Ore since you only need level 0 for that. It will enable you to make early-game weapons and armor too by using them for crafting. This actually levels up your mining level too so when you get higher levels, you can now mine other types of metallic resources like Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Starmetal Ore, Orihalcum Ore, and Platinum Ore.

What can you craft with an Iron Ore?

There are numerous early-game items you can craft with the Iron Ore resource. You can craft various iron weapons, tools, and armor that can help you in your journey You can just take your Iron Ore and chuck it into the Smelter to start converting it into Iron Ingots. This will now become your material for creating your upcoming weapons, tools, and armor.

Here’s where to find Fae Iron

First, let’s explain what Fae Iron is. It is an extremely rare material that is used to make very rare weapons. These weapons are very powerful and can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Here are the weapons you can make:

  • Dryad Walking Stick
  • Earth Battered Axe
  • Earthen Smasher
  • Hunter’s Longshot
  • Sapling Brand
  • Sapling’s Fury
  • Shaman Initiate’s Staff
  • Twig of Azoth Tree

So if these are so valuable, how do you get Fae Iron? Well, there are two ways, but be warned: they are extremely rare to get unless you do these steps.

Increase Your Mining Luck

First, you need to increase your mining luck. There are several mods you can craft in order to increase your mining luck. You also need to use a lot of Azoth to increase those stats. Check these mods out:

  • Starmetal Miner’s Charm: offers Mining Luck to crafted pickaxes
  • Shard of Adderstone (very rare drop from boulders): offers Reinforced Mining Luck to crafted apparel
  • Chunk of Cobalt: offers Adored Mining Luck to crafted amulets

Now you need to cook certain types of food to temporarily give you an increase in mining luck. Here they are in order:

  • Roasted potatoes (level 1 cooking)
  • Herb-roasted potatoes (level 5 cooking)
  • Boiled potatoes (level 20 cooking)
  • Poultry with roasted potatoes (level 40 cooking)
  • Salted roasted vegetables (level 60 cooking)

You can now try mining on iron veins to try your luck in acquiring Fae Iron. It is random, so pray that you get one at random.

Kill and Mine Ursus Hortus Bears

You can also try the method of killing an Ursus Hortus Bear. These are very powerful creatures at level 30 so you will need to be powerful enough to overpower them. You will also need to have mining level 100 in order to mine their carcasses instead of skinning them. According to some reports on Reddit, when lucky, a carcass drops up to six Fae Iron. Good luck!

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