New World Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide – Level Jewelcrafting Fast

New World Jewelcrafting

New World has many professions that players can dabble in, but Jewelcrafting is one of the most useful, making it a profession that players might want to consider committing to.

This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of Jewelcrafting Leveling in New World. We will discuss what this profession is all about, who can benefit the most from it, what other skills it requires, and what is the fastest way to reach maximum level.

What is Jewelcrafting in New World?

Jewelcrafting is the profession that allows players to craft their own trinkets such as Earrings, Rings, and many more. One of the best reasons to really get into Jewelcrafting would be to craft gems that can boost the stats of player weapons and armors.

In order to do some Jewelcrafting, players will need to find Outfitting Stations in settlements. It’s important to note that Outfitting Stations have tiers that players will need to keep in mind because they can’t start crafting some of the more advanced recipes unless they have the appropriate tier of Outfitting Station.

How to Jewelcraft in New Word

To start our Jewelcrafting journey then we’ll need to be heading over to a settlement that has at least a Tier 2 Outfitting Station. Once you’ve found one then interact with it to see the Outfitting menu in order for you to see all the Jewelcrafting recipes that you can craft.

New World player crafting at an outfitter.

New World – Using Special Resources

When you go about experimenting on Jewelcrafting, you may have noticed that there’s an option to add what we call Special Resources. Adding Special Resources to the mix will give your trinkets different kinds of perks. It’s also important to note that if players have an item called “Azoth”.

Azoth is a glowing blue substance that can be obtained in a number of ways. It’s required for fast travel in the New World, and you’ll need more Azoth to travel longer distances. When you use some during Jewelcrafting, you have a better chance of creating items with a higher rarity. Players can use it to get an increased chance of getting perks, though the amount needed for this depends on the Gear Score of your desired recipe.

Benefits of Leveling Up Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is one serious profession since it gives the player passive buffs and allows you to craft gems that you can use on your equipment to get some boosts to your stats. Also, If you want to use some more powerful trinkets and gems then you’re gonna need to keep improving your Jewelcrafting skills.

So how do we go about improving? Well, the best way to do that is with the tried and true method of repeated crafting. Just keep crafting whatever is the best trinket or gem you can make with your skill level and you’ll reach the current pinnacle of Jewelcrafting in no time which is at the mastery level of 200 currently.

How to Level Up Jewelcrafting Skill in New World

Bulk Craft Flawed Amulets

Because the resources required are easier and faster to gather, bulk crafting flawed amulets is the most efficient way to level Jewelcrafting. There are no specific trinkets that give more XP because they all give the same amount per set, but it’s best to bulk craft low-tier trinkets for faster crafting and leveling, which you can just salvage at a later time.

Buying Resources From the Trading Post

If you don’t want to gather resources by hand, you can buy them from the trading post. The only disadvantage is that it may be expensive. However, you can recoup some coins by selling the trinkets you bulk crafted.

Trading Post

Crafting Trinkets in the Outfitting Station

You can level up your Jewelcrafting Skill by crafting your own various trinkets in the Outfitting Station. As mentioned, amulets, earrings, and rings are examples of trinkets.

Level Up Gathering Skills

Harvesting and mining are especially important for armor crafting. It is critical to level up your gathering skills in order to keep all of your resources intact for crafting armor.

New World Jewelcrafting Materials


New World’s Amulets are Trinkets that you can equip and provide various bonuses to many player stats. These can be found as random loot in chests and containers, commonly dropped by enemies and obtained as quest rewards. Amulets can also be made through jewelcrafting.


Rings are a type of Trinket that can be equipped in the Ring Slot and provide various bonuses to a player’s Core Attributes as well as special bonuses such as increased resistance to status effects or increased chances of crafting higher quality items.


Earrings are a subcategory of Apparel and are also commonly referred to just as trinkets. The jewelcrafting skill can be used to make earrings.

Miscellaneous Items

Smelters can refine a wide range of ingredients. These materials range from common metals such as ingots obtained through mining, to precious metals such as Amber and Asmodeum.

Other Skills Needed for Jewelcrafting in New World

  • Stonecutting (Cutting Gems)
  • Mining (Mining Tools, Elemental/ Non-Elemental Nodes)
  • Smelting (Metal Ores, Precious Metals and other materials)
  • Arcana

Arcana is a Crafting skill that specializes in the creation of Magical Weapons such as Staves. In the New World, Arcana is a Crafting Trade Skill.

How to Quickly Level Jewelcrafting Skills in New World

So now that we got all that out of the way, let’s get to leveling our Jewelcrafting. So we’re going to be crafting basically a lot of the same trinkets over and over again until there’s a better one we can waste our materials on.

Making amulets and other jewelry is a challenging task in the New World. To begin, you must have all of the components necessary to create a specific piece, which includes Trinket Chains, Trinket Gem Settings, and Precious Metals.

Gemstones themselves can be obtained by mining Precious Metal veins (such as Silver and Gold). It is absolutely necessary to have the Mining skill in addition to Jewelcrafting. You must use the Stonecutting Table in your settlement to create a Cut Gem from a Raw Gem.

For this method, we’ll be crafting the Flawed Gemstone Amulet a lot and it needs a silver chain and any kind of gemstone. The silver chain needs a silver setting and a silver ingot in order to craft it. To reach level 200, you must craft a total of 8591 Amulets, which equates to 8,592 of each type of item in the recipe. In other words, you may require 343,640 silver ores to meet your silver requirements.

Level Required MaterialsTo Craft
0 – 6204 Silver Ingots / 816 Silver Ore51 Silver Settings
7 – 12255 Silver Ingots / 1020 Silver Ore51 Silver Chains
13 – 5051 Cut Flawed Gems /51 Flawed Gems
102 Motes
51 Silver Ingots / 204 Silver Ores
51 Silver Setting
51 Silver Chain
51 Flawed Gem Amulets
51 – 53492 Silver Ingots / 1968 Silver Ore103 Silver Settings
54 – 55615 Silver Ingots / 2460 Silver Ore103 Silver Chains
56 – 100123 Cut Gems / 369 Flawed Gems
123 Wisp
123 Weak Solvent
123 Silver Ingots / 492 Silver Ores
123 Silver Setting
123 Silver Chain
123 Gem Amulets
101 – 1022962 Silver Ingots / 11844 Silver Ore329 Silver Settings
329 Silver Chains
103 – 149329 Cut Brilliant Gems / 1316 Gems, 1316 Wisp, 1316 Weak Solvent
658 Essence OR 2632 Wisp, 13160 Motes
329 Silver Ingots OR 1316 Silver Ores
329 Silver Setting
329 Silver Chain
329 Brilliant Gem Amulets
150 – 1516120 Silver Ingots / 24480 Silver Ore680 Silver Settings
680 Silver Chains
152 – 200680 Cut Brilliant Gems / 680 Pristine Gems
3600 Gems
13600 Wisp
40800 Flawed Gems
13600 Weak Solvent
3400 Essence OR 13600 Wisp
68000 Motes
680 Quintessence OR 2040 Essence, 8160 Wisp, 40800 Motes
680 Weak Solvent
680 Silver Ingots OR 1316 Silver Ores
680 Silver Setting
680 Silver Chain
680 Pristine Gem Amulets

So for our first few levels, we’re going to be crafting 51 Silver Settings which comes to about 204 Silver Ingots or 816 Silver Ores. When we reach level 6 then we go about crafting 51 Silver Chains using 255 Silver Ingots or 1020 Silver Ores. At level 12 we then move on to the aforementioned Flawed Gem Amulet and we’ll be doing that until level 50. So we’re going to need about 51 Cut Flawed Gems which we get from 51 Flawed Gems and 102 Motes, 51 Silver Ingots which we get from 204 Silver Ores, and the 51 Silver Settings and Chains we crafted previously.

After reaching level 50, we’ll be crafting 103 Silver Settings next using 492 Silver Ingots or 1986 Silver Ores. When we get to level 53, we’ll be doing the Chains this time using 615 Silver Ingots or 2460 Silver Ores for 103 Silver Chains. When we get to level 55, we move on to making 123 Gem Amulets until we reach level 100. So for this, we’re going to need 123 Cut Gems which are made from 369 Flawed Gems, 123 Wisps, and 123 Weak Solvents. We’re also going to need 123 Silver Ingots or 492 Silver Ores, and all the Silver Settings and Chains we just made.

Now that we’ve reached level 100 (phew, halfway there) it’s time we craft 329 Silver Settings and Chains by using 2962 Silver Ingots or 11844 Silver Ores. At level 102, we then move on to crafting 329 Brilliant Gem Amulets by using 329 Cut Brilliant Gems (1316 Gems, 1316 Wisps, and 1316 Weak Solvents), 658 Essences (2632 Wisps and 13160 Motes), 329 Silver Ingots or 1316 Silver Ores, and the 329 Silver Chains and Settings we made.

At level 150 we then make 680 Silver Settings and Chains by using 6120 Silver Ingots or 24,480 Silver Ores. At level 151, we then craft 680 Pristine Gem Amulets which require 680 Cut Brilliant Gems (680 Pristine Gems, 13,600 Wisps, 40,800 Flawed Gems, and 13,600 Weak Solvents), 3400 Essences (13,600 Wisps, 68,000 Motes), 680 Quintessences (2040 Essences, 8160 Wisps, 40,800 Motes), 680 Weak Solvents, 680 Silver ingots (1316 Silver Ores), and the 680 Silver Settings and Chains we made.

Once that’s all done, congratulations as you’ve reached the pinnacle of Jewelcrafting. Now that you’re a master at it, it’s time to do what you’ve been wanting to do with it which is crafting the gems and trinkets that you want in order to make your character as strong as it can be.

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