Leak Reveals Possible New Xbox Controller

Makes you feel like you are on the moon!

A new leak has possibly revealed a new type of Xbox controller that fans might want to get when it launches.

Microsoft has suffered a lot of leaks in the past from upcoming games, release dates, future content, and many more. This time around, the new leak is information about its possible new accessory, a new type of Xbox controller. Microsoft Store would usually leak information (ironically), but this time, it is Amazon.

The new Xbox controller is called Lunar Shift. It has a somewhat goldish color and is reminiscent of the color of the full moon with its yellowish shine. It might not be a new Xbox Elite controller, but it does look quite nice to collect. Its joystick and buttons have white and grey colors with triggers and directional buttons purely white. This was first seen by Twitter user Espia de Ofertas.

Amazon nor Microsoft have not made the official announcement to reveal this yet, but this could happen anytime soon. The image does not look photoshopped and it is possible it could be a new controller that will be released soon.