Nier Automata Anime Officially Confirmed To Be in Works

Anime 2B making her debut.

Featured Image Nier Automata Anime

There have been quite a few rumors circulating online about an anime adaptation of Nier Automata. But it wasn’t until recently that we finally got confirmation that a Nier Automata anime is officially in the works.

The trailer for the Nier Automata anime adaptation can be seen below. We don’t really get much information from the trailer itself but it does show 2B standing with her back turned against the camera along with Japanese texts.

The translation for these texts says: “The stage is a far future where humanity is defeated by the moon in front of the overwhelming force of ‘mechanical life forms’ that aliens carry out. ‘2B’ belonging to the newly organized Android unit ‘Jorha’ will throw himself into a fierce battle to recapture the earth”

The official Twitter account for the Nier Automata anime has already been set up but a lot of it remains untranslated. There is also an official website for the Nier Automata anime project.

We don’t really have a scheduled release date for when we can expect the anime adaptation for Nier Automata to come out. This is just an official teaser trailer after all and we might have to wait several months for more announcements.

The art style presented in the teaser trailer does vaguely remind us of Metal Gear Solid official art but we still don’t know which studio will be handling this project. We hope that the developers PlatinumGames will be giving the show to a studio with the talent to produce this project with the skill and care it deserves.

We’re pleasantly excited for the upcoming anime and can’t wait to share more news of it with you when it comes out. It’s about time for 2B to come back to the spotlight since her debut back in 2017.