Nightingale: How to Get Wood Bundle and Craft Lumber

Nightingale How to Get Wood Bundle and Craft Lumber

In Nightingale, survival and progression greatly depend on your ability to gather resources and craft essential items. Two such resources are wood bundles and lumber, each serving unique purposes in crafting, building, and tool-making.

This guide will walk you through the steps to efficiently gather wood bundles and refine them into lumber, provided you have the necessary materials to do so in Nightingale.

How to Get Wood Bundles

Nightingale How to Get Wood Bundles

Players can get Wood Bundles by chopping down Trees and Logs scattered across various realms. Here’s how to effectively gather Wood Bundles:

  • Crafting the Right Tool: Begin by crafting a Makeshift Wood Axe using 3 Rocks, 3 Wood pieces, and 6 Plant Fibers. This early-game tool is essential for chopping down trees to collect Wood Bundles. Consider crafting a better axe at workbenches later on.
  • Purchasing Options: If manual labor isn’t your preference, Wood Bundles can also be purchased from Essence Traders in exchange for Essence Dust. This option provides a quick and easy way to stock up on Wood Bundles without the need to chop down trees.

How to Craft Lumber from Wood Bundles

How to Craft Lumber from Wood Bundles in Nightingale

Lumber, a refined form of Wood Bundles, is indispensable for crafting more advanced items and structures. Here’s how to turn Wood Bundles into Lumber:

  1. Build a Simple Saw Table. You’ll need to gather 8 Wood Bundles, 4 Stone Blocks, and 4 Animal Fibres to construct this workstation. Animal Fibre can be made at a Simple Tanning Station using two pieces of Meat.
  2. With the Simple Saw Table ready, you now have the option to craft Wood Bundles into Lumber. The process is straightforward: two Wood Bundles are refined into one piece of Lumber.

That’s how to get wood bundle and craft lumber in Nightingale. While Wood Bundles serve as the raw material for various crafting and building endeavors, Lumber is required for more advanced projects, including crafting the Simple Enchanter’s Focus and the Simple Mortar Station.