Nightingale: Keep the Beasts at Bay Quest Guide

A guide on how to complete the Keep the Beasts at Bay quest in Nightingale

Nightingale Keep the Beasts at Bay cover

Keep the Beasts at Bay is a quest in Nightingale where players are asked to venture into the Vaults and prevent an entity known as Jana from reaching The Watch. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Keep the Beasts at Bay quest in Nightingale.

How to unlock the “Keep the Beasts at Bay” quest

How to unlock the Keep the Beasts at Bay quest in Nightingale

The Keep the Beasts at Bay quest will be unlocked after talking to Shiv Pierson in The Watch. Shiv will talk about the Major Vaults and the dangers the lie inside them, including Jana, a spirit that goes through beast to beast and causes destruction everywhere he goes. Jana then requests for your help to defeat Jana to prevent him to reach The Watch.

Venture into the beast’s lair

Venture into the beast's lair - Keep the Beasts at Bay quest in Nightingale

Your first objective is to head into one of the portals that are in the room next to Shiv. You can pick any of the portals as it will simply teleport you to a random public Major Vault with other random players. If you are playing with a group of friends, just enter the same portal at the same time.

Major Vaults, or simply Vaults, are dungeon-like instances that are subdivided into rooms or sections. In some of these sections, there are elite enemies to be killed or puzzles to be solved, and at the end is a strong Fabled boss that will have to be defeated.

Make sure to loot all the enemies that you can as these enemies drop T3 Essences which will be the next the next tier of essences that most crafting recipes will need from here on out.

Slay Jana’s temporary form

Slay Jana's temporary form - Keep the Beasts at Bay quest in Nightingale

Once you have reached the final section, you will be up against a Fabled boss which is a much stronger version of one of the bosses that you have previously encountered. It is best to take this boss on with a full lobby to make the challenge easier.

Reach the Portal

Once the boss has been defeated, the portal to the exit will be activated. Head to the next room where you can receive your Essence rewards and the rewards chest, then take the portal to travel back to The Watch.

Report your success to Pierson

Talk to Shiv to report your success with the vault.

Return to Quatermain

Go talk to Quatermain to tell him about Jana and to learn about the truth with his connection to Jana. You will then complete the quest and receive the following rewards:

  • x1 Excellent Enchanter’s Focus Recipe
  • x1 Footed Chest Recipe
  • x1 Hunter Eminent Card
  • x3 Felt (Tier 1 Fabled Carnute)
  • x6 Seed (Coffee)

Quatermain will ask you a question if you wish to join their cause, and agreeing to it will start the next quest, The Only Way Out is Through. You will also be rewarded with the recipe for the Ascended Antiquarian Realm.

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