Nihon Falcom Announces “40th Anniversary Thank you Mega Box” DLC for Kuro no Kiseki

40 years of JRPG fun with great heroes

Celebrating 40 years of JRPG content, Nihon Falcom has announced a special DLC pack for Kuro no Kiseki for free for a limited time only from September 30th to October 31st in Japan.

The content of the DLC box will have the following:

1) Original Swimsuit: Van

2) Original Swimsuit: Agnes

3) 4spg UNITED: Van / Agnes / Feri / Aaron: Exclusive color costumes for Van, Agnes, Feri, and Aaron, based on the concept of the word “4spg (for SPRIGAN)” used by the Arkride Solutions Office. The set also includes special hair colors, which can be swapped out as an attachment item.

4) Animal Transformation: White Rabbit, Dog, Fox, and Cow

5) Sun Visor Set Original sun visors with the logos for the Republic of Calvard’s big four orbal car manufacturers: Ingelt, Etwas, Reno, and Redstar.

6) Xipha Metal Cover Set / Image Board (Metallic covers for the tactical orbment Xipha themed after The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki)

7) Xipha Cover 40th Anniversary (features the 40th anniversary logo of Nihon Falcom)

8) Hollow Core Voice: Renne Bright (Downloadable content to change the voice of the Hollow Core set in the tactical orbment Xipha to that of Renne Bright)

9) Battle Boost Pack A (Includes two quartz and three accessories)

Kuro No Kiseki is set to release in Japan on September 30th for the PlayStation 4. For more news about Kuro no Kiseki, you can click here, here, here and here.