The Nintendo Switch: Console Launch Eve Hype

The new Nintendo console is almost in hand’s reach. We will soon all be able to finally make the *satisfying snapping noise* switch. It’s a time of excitement, a time of anticipation, a time of hype.

Console launches are always guaranteed an air of excitement around them, no matter what time of the year. With the Nintendo Switch, the holidays seem to have come early as it releases in the month of March, and in a couple of days no less. But what are we excited for about the new hybrid console, exactly? Quite a lot, actually.

Game ‘n Dash

Obviously, the main shtick of the Switch is that whatever gaming experience you have at home, you can take on the go. Basically, game wherever and whenever you want. Nintendo has given you the opportunity to take the reason you want to escape from reality wherever you go. The problem of not being able to play because an annoying family member is preoccupied with their telenovela is a thing of the past. Now, you can slay Ganon, while also watching The Bachelorette. Not only can you get yelled at home for playing games too much, but you can also get yelled at work for playing games too much. Thanks, Nintendo.

Sharing The Joy

Nintendo is known for providing some of the best local multiplayer experiences in the industry. Games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Smash Bros. are what friendships are built and destroyed upon. However, one problem was not having enough controllers and having to shell out quite a bit just so you’re other friends, who don’t own a Nintendo machine, can join in on the fun. The Switch has mitigated this problem by including two controllers out of the box. What joy, literally.

These controllers, dubbed Joy-Cons, are the most convenient oxymoron named devices for those coveted multiplayer experiences. Together they form your base controller, but apart they become tools of joyous destruction in that quick race or battle in Mario Kart. Share the controllers and share the joy.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

The Joy-Cons aren’t the only new thing to the console, but Nintendo has brought one feature to the High Definition era: Rumble. A key and promoted feature of the Joy-Cons is the new HD Rumble that took up most of the Nintendo Switch reveal event, with its ice cube demonstration. Yes, now we can feel the sensation of having not one, not two, but three ice cubes in our controllers. Gaming innovation at its finest.

This is a cute feature to be honest, but one that does provide interesting opportunities that game developers could take advantage of when designing their games. Who knows, maybe soon we might be able to feel the sensation of firing an automatic weapon or the clanging vibrations of two swords clashing in battle. The immersion continues to reach new heights in gaming.

Zelda, Duh

Let’s be honest, though, about 90% of the reason you’re buying a Nintendo Switch is so you can experience The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in its most superior form. The game, however, is hype in of itself. It’s Zelda returning back to form, with a vast, actual open world. You can kill bokoblins by rolling a boulder down a hill. Not only that, but the boulder has actual physics, so its roll is based on in-game calculations and variables. There are even weather hazards, where if you’re equipped with any conductive materials, you can get struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. That’s hardcore gaming. Move over Dark Souls, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Breath of the Wild certainly is going to be an interesting entry to the series, not just because of it’s going back to its roots, while having new bells and whistles, but also for the precedence it sets for the franchise. With the ambition and scale that it’s setting, it is going to be quite interesting to see how Nintendo can move forward afterwards. The future of the franchise is looking bright, hopefully.

The Future

With any console launch, the anticipation and speculation of what is to come is just as exciting as the launch itself. Although we were given quite a few titles announced for the rest of the year, with the cap end being Super Mario: Odyssey, there’s still room for those splendid surprise announcements. Nintendo is just sitting on a vast library of IPs to bring back, so who knows what may be announced, especially since E3 is just around the corner.

Software is one thing to get excited about, but there’s also improvements in terms of hardware too. With the way the Switch is designed, there’s potential for new hardware attachments. Instead of just sliding on those Joy-Cons, maybe we can slide another type of controller, providing new types of gameplay and wonderful Nintendo Gimmicks. Maybe something like the Wario Ware Inc: Twisted cartridge for the Game Boy Advance, who knows?

Well, I know I’m hyped to make the switch and play Nintendo’s new home/handheld console. Are you ready to *satisfying snapping noise* switch?