New Nintendo Switch update 17.0.0 is more than just a stability patch

The latest Nintendo Switch firmware 17.0.0 is more than a stability improvement.

Nintendo just rolled out yesterday the latest Nintendo Switch firmware version 17.0.0, which improves the overall stability to enhance user experience. However, it’s not just that.

As per data-miner GhoulmealDome on Twitter/X, he discovered more to the update than what was posted on Nintendo’s official update page. He shared that new error codes were added, various HOME menu messages were updated (including GUI files), and time zone data was also updated.

The data-miner also noted that the version 17.0.0 update also made some changes to the list of bad words, which now bans the words ‘thot’ and ‘reeee’ in all languages, even “censor-evading slang for testicles” in Japanese.

While there’s no reason for Nintendo to detail every changes they made, it would have been preferred that they included those notes on the firmware update page.

Nintendo has yet to reveal the next-generation Nintendo Switch as leaked documents during the FTC vs. Microsoft trial showed that the next-gen Switch devkits were already provided to Activision Blizzard for game development. We have yet to receive word from Nintendo when they official announce Nintendo Switch 2, hopefully, next year.