Nintendo Switch Online App Updates to Version 2.0

The biggest update yet.

Nintendo has recently updated the Nintendo Switch Online app and it was a huge improvement.

With the new update, players will be able to see the app’s new overall design that has been overhauled. It also allows them to see which friends are now online, which is helpful for those who are trying to hook up for multiplayer gameplay.

Aside from the two improvements above, version 2.0 finally makes players see the friend codes without even turning on the Nintendo Switch. No more hassle in turning it on and off again just to see the friend codes. It can also allow players to alter the online-status settings for privacy purposes.

On the App Store right now, the game company stated that minor changes have been implemented as well. This is the largest update for the Nintendo Switch Online App and has slowly made it more user friendly this time. Still needs more improvement, but it is getting there.