Nintendo’s Birthday Comes Up With an Update, And It’s Disappointing

The popular portable platform, the Nintendo Switch, has just turned three years old. Released on March 3 of the year 2017, the Switch’s birthday has come up with an update as well.

Update 9.2.0 is available for download when you access the Nintendo Eshop or try out other online services. But you can also download it manually if you so wish from the System Update in the settings menu. Unfortunately, this update is a bit of a letdown for those expecting something a bit more grand for the occasion.

For on thing–well the only thing, the update only improves system stability. Not an unwelcome gift, but a letdown nonetheless. The update doesn’t specify how it improves system stability, per se. Many could guess online if the update has something hidden in it that Nintendo hasn’t quite announced.

But if you’re disappointed at this, cheer up. You have something to look forward to for the Switch this month. March is a great time for the console as a few promising games are releasing within the month. Get ready to play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Mystery Team DX and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Source: GameSpot