Not On My Watch Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A complete walkthrough on the events of the Not On My Watch To mission in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Not On My Watch cover

Not On My Watch is the fifth story mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The Raft requests some added escort assistance from the Spider-Men as they are about to move two supervillains to a different facility. But things start to get more complicated when Kraven shows up to take the inmates on their hunt instead.

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Starting with Miles, you’ll learn the basics of flying through the wind tunnels to travel through the city. Swing through one of the wind tunnel holes and deploy your web wings to catch the wind. Continue flying through the rings to maintain your glide. There are some updrafts along the way that can give you some lift to get back up higher.

Head to the Raft

You’ll receive a call from Peter asking for some help in an escort mission at the Raft. Follow the marker to reach the Raft and meet up with Peter. Both Spider-Men learn that they’re not only escorting one inmate, but two: Scorpion and Martin Li.

As they ride the boat through the river, fireworks appear through their path. They then get attacked by Kraven’s hunters whose mission is to get the inmates.

Protect the Raft boat

Playing as Peter, you’ll then have to fight against the hunters as they attack the boat. This fight will also serve as a tutorial for parrying heavy attacks. Soon after, more enemies will come in, including falcon drones.

After clearing the waves of enemies, the boat will be hooked by vehicles on the bank and get dragged back to land. The boat also gets breached and the boat starts taking in water.

Rescue survivors

Switching back to Miles, you head into the boat to rescue the guards and keep the inmates safe.

The boat will start taking in more water inside. Make your way through the boat until you hear a voice calling for help.

Open the locked cell door

Follow the voice and go to the door to open it. The door is shut tight, so you will need to open the nearby electrical access and cut power from the door. Once done, head back to the door to open it.

You’ll soon find out that it is just a ruse by Scorpion to make you open the door for him. He attacks and gets Miles hit by his poison.

Miles will start seeing hallucinations all around. You’ll need to make your way underwater and through the illusions to get back to dry land.

Miles will then see Martin Li’s cell and as he tries to punch it open, the hunters get to the cell first.

Defeat the enemies

Fight your way through the hunters that barged into the boat using your supercharged bio-electric power. After a couple of waves, Kraven will show up and set flames to the boat’s fuel as the boat is making its way to crash onto the docks.

Web the propeller

The boat’s propeller is crashing and destroying the docks. You’ll need to shoot webs at it to stop it from spinning. Soon after, more hunters will interrupt you to take Li away; defeat all of them to proceed.

Li manages to make it out of his cell by himself, but he gets captured by Kraven. Miles then tries to grab Li, but more civilians need help as the boat continues to destroy the dock. He lets go of Li and decides to destroy the propeller instead.

After everything has settled, Peter and Miles talk and you get to access the abilities page where you can now change up the abilities that Miles has. You will also be rewarded with 2,000 XP.

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