Amends Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A complete walkthrough on the events of the Amends mission in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Amends cover

Amends is the sixth story mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Miles gets a call from his Uncle Aaron, who is asking for some favor from him, but Miles is reluctant due to his uncle’s past records as the Prowler.

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Follow Uncle Aaron’s instructions

After talking to Uncle Aaron, follow the marker to the decommissioned Roxxon building. Once you arrive at the site, use your scanner to look for the code for the stash.

Pan around until the yellow arcs get closer to the reticle; these arcs come closer, and the beeping will trigger faster once you’re directly looking at the direction of the code, regardless of whether or not you have a clear line of sight or some obstruction in the way. You’ll see the code as green lights.

Once you find the code, you will have to decrypt it by pulling on the trigger. You will have to make the markers stay within the marked area by pulling with the right force on the triggers. Keep the markers in place until the decryption is done and the lights turn from green to purple.

Next, you will have to pull the nearby gate so that it swings and the gate matches the area where the purple lights are. You will have to find a position where you can pull the gate with your web properly; otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the gate open. For this first task, you’ll have to decrypt two codes and open two gates, while for other Prowler stashes, there will be some other puzzle solving needed along with opening the gate.

Once inside, go to the safe on the right side to get one of Uncle Aaron’s tech. You will also be rewarded with 300 XP and x3 Rare Tech Parts. Access your Suit Tech menu, where you can spend those rare tech parts on some upgrades or unlocking suits and suit techs.

All Prowler Stashes

There area a total of 10 Prowler Stashes throughout the city (one in most districts). They can only be completed by Miles and each of them reward 300 XP and x3 Rare Tech Parts when completed, excluding the final one which rewards 2,000 XP and x8 Rare Tech Parts. Here’s the list of the stashes and their locations:

  • Amends – found in Upper West Side, part of the main mission.
  • Coin-Op – found in Astoria, south side.
  • Prowler in Training – found in Downtown Queens, west side.
  • Laying Low – found in Little Odessa, central area.
  • A Room with a View – found in Williamsburg, east-central side.
  • Airwaves – found in Downtown Brooklyn, north side.
  • 2-on-2 – found in Greenwich, southwest side.
  • Sittin’ in the Nosebleeds – found in Hell’s Kitchen, southeast side.
  • The Braxton Score – found in Midtown, northeast side.
  • Room For the Future – found in Harlem, west side, only available after finding the other nine stashes.