Octopath Traveler Worldwide Sales Now More Than 2 Million Copies

Octopath Traveler

Remember that classic-based yet modernly designed JRPG Octopath Traveler? It just got a big milestone recently and game developer Acquire is celebrating.

Octopath Traveler gains big milestone

The official Twitter account of the game has recently posted the announcement that it has been shipped worldwide with more than 2 million copies. That is a lot of copies and indeed deserves a celebration from the developers. To make this more enjoyable, Acquire has given the game a 50 percent discount on the Nintendo Switch Eshop and Steam platforms. We also gave it a really high score for our review, so it is highly recommended to play.

Aside from the big discount, Acquire revealed that the development team is working on a new title for the series. Remember, they already launched a prequel of the game on mobile games so it should be a sequel next. The best part of this mobile game is that it is free to play while being a real JRPG, and has an ending you can savor. It is still available in Japan, but game publisher Square Enix teased that it might come out outside the country.

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