Oddworld Soulstorm Developer Says PS Plus Deal was Devastating for Team

The deal kinda didn't give them good sales instead.

Developer Oddworld Inhabitants reveals details about the PlayStation Plus deal with Oddworld Soulstorm and the impact it has done to them.

Developer Lorne Lanning spoke with media outlet Xbox Expansion Pass in an interview talking about the deal they did with Sony Interactive Entertainment. He revealed that his team only thought at first that their game would only sell more or less 50,000 units and not more than 100,000. They were also looking for financial help in order to keep the game afloat, which SIE approached them offering an unknown amount of money. This made Lanning take advantage of the chance that landed on their lap.

There was issue though: the game got delayed by three months due to the pandemic. When the game launch later, more players now had access to the PS5 than what they had expected. The result was devastating for them as Lanning revealed. The game was downloaded 4 million times via PS Plus, which was a problem for them. He did not say it in the interview but it seems their sales were low due to this.

On November 2022 though, Oddworld Soulstorm launched on Xbox. Lanning also did not share the sales they got for the game on this platform.

Oddworld Soulstorm is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.