One Piece Odyssey Demo Now Available for Free on Consoles

Get a free taste before the launch!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has now confirmed the One Piece Odyssey demo availability on consoles.

One Piece Odyssey Demo Console Availability and Download Size

Fans of One Piece will be able to play the latest title made by Bandai Namco today with the latest playable demo for free. They can download it right now on PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. According to research, the playable demo is only about 8 GB so it will be a quick download.

What You Can Expect in the Free Demo

When playing the free demo, players will be able to see the main cast and get introduced to the first few parts of the game, which was getting sucked into the storm and thrown into the mysterious island. They will be encountering the locals, fighting enemies that might stand in the way, and more. They will get to see how this game works with its unique turn-based combat.

Straw Hat Crew Members, Abilities, and Access

Check out the full Straw Hat Crew here with their names and abilities:

  • Luffy – The captain who ate a Devil Fruit, which made him able to bend and stretch his body as if he was made of rubber.
  • Zoro – The master swordsman who uses a three-sword fighting style.
  • Nami – The ship’s navigator and skilled con artist who uses her “Clima-Tact” to fight by controlling the weather.
  • Usopp – A sharp shooting slingshot user, afraid of most conflict.
  • Sanji – A skilled cook who reserves his hands just for cooking and fights only with his feet.
  • Chopper – Part reindeer, part human, full-time doctor on the ship.
  • Robin – The ship’s archaeologist who ate a Devil Fruit which gave her the ability to create duplicate limbs from any surface.
  • Franky – The shipwright and cyborg with super-human strength and weapons built into his body.
  • Brook – Musician and skeleton whose soul can separate from his body… or what’s left of it.

Each crew member has their own combat specialty which can be used in battle and in traversing the island. These unique abilities can be used to go through roads that might not be available with certain members but can be done by another. It would be best to gather all crew members to have the ultimate access to all areas.

Can You Transfer Your Demo Progress to the Full Game?

The free playable demo will only offer a limited playthrough for a player, just to give them a little taste of what the full game can offer. Remember, the demo save progress can be transferred to the full game so better not to delete it and keep it safe until you get the full game later.

One Piece Odyssey launches on January 13, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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