Remnant 2: How to get Ornate Flail

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Secret weapons in Remnant 2 are often found behind alternative actions or behind locked rooms that require special keys. It’s not very often that a weapon is hidden in a side room while you are being chased by an Aberration. And this is why we are talking about the Ornate Flail.

The Ornate Flail is a secret weapon that is found in an injected instance inside the Fae Royal Palace in Losomn. It is a weapon that’s easily missed considering what the player is running away from.

How to get Ornate Flail in Remnant 2?

To get the Ornate Flail, you first need to get to either the Great Hall or the Council Chamber during one of your trips into Losomn. As far as we know these are the two locations that get them more frequently. But there could be more locations, so keep your eyes out for these telltale signs.

What you’re looking for is a gallery of petrified fairies. This part doesn’t always appear in every tileset. So, if you see the location, look for this picture. (left picture above.)

Usually, this picture hangs on the wall of the Asylum. Its presence here is a sign that something is off. Destroy the picture frame and you should see this hole that you can drop into. Go inside the hole, and here the real work begins.

Go deeper into the tunnel and enter a flooded chamber. This is where you’ll encounter the Executioner. You can fight the boss while wading in waist here water or you can do it the way it is intended and you take the left corridor and try to race him to the top of the stairs.

In the middle of the pursuit, you have a choice to make as to where you want to make your stand. The path to the left lead back to the palace and gives you high ground against the corrupted special. The path to the right leads to another gallery of petrified faires. This is where you can find the Ornate Flail.

Once you reach the chamber, clear your way to this cubby. (As pictured above.) There may be more than a few statues standing in your way, so you may want to clear a path using your guns and abilities. Climb the edge and stand your ground. The Aberration won’t be able to reach you with his physical attacks but there’s a strong chance that one of its mutations will make things difficult for you.

Kill the Executioner before making your way deeper into the cave. It does have a lot of health but it shouldn’t take be too hard with the right positioning.

How to get the Steadfast Mutator in Remnant 2?

The Steadfast Mutator is your reward for killing the Executioner Aberration. When you encounter him in the flooded tunnels of the Royal palace, it is best to run away and lead him to a place where you have a height advantage like the stairs or a raised side passage.

(On a personal note, it looks like the Executioner was never meant to go up the stairs leading back to the palace. The AI doesn’t know what to do when it reaches the stairs. And I took full advantage of that. Don’t know if it’ll work for everyone.)

Go deeper into the cave and on the ceremonial table, you’ll find the Ornate Flail. Pick it up to add it to your collection of weapons.

How to get the Sapphire Dreamstone in Remnant 2?

The Ornate Flail and the Steadfast Mutator are not the only things you can get from the flooded tunnels. On a pedestal before opening the door back to the gallery, you’ll find the Sapphire Dreamstone. Critical hits with this ring equipped reduce Skill Cooldown by 3%. This effect can only happen once every 2s.

How good is the Ornate Flail?

First things first, the Ornate Flail has a lower raw damage potential compared to the Steel Flail. However, it has more than twice the Crit Chance rate. The Ornate Flail has a higher damage potential if it crits often. A task that’s easily done with the right supporting rings and amulet.

Furthermore, the Steadfast Mutator goes quite well considering it allows the user’s Charged Melee Attacks to become uninterruptable and gains 10% damage reduction from all sources. And what is more appropriate for a weapon whose charged attack is continuous overhead swings?

The Ornate Flail is a fun and versatile melee weapon. We think it’s best for grey health builds that don’t consume Stamina. If you’ve been running with the Steel Flail, consider the Ornate Flail a solid upgrade.

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