Overwatch 2 Servers Got Bombarded by Mass DDoS Attacks

Already preparing for a next wave of attack.

Blizzard has recently confirmed that the servers of the new sequel Overwatch 2 have experienced mass DDoS attacks.

Overwatch 2 Mass DDoS Attack

The latest DDoS attacks on the servers of Overwatch 2 have prevented many players from accessing it, which frustrated them to no end. A lot of them have reported unexpected server errors and difficulties in joining many game sessions. Several of them have shared screenshots of their large queue line numbers that went up as high as 50,000.

Previously, Blizzard Executive Mike Ybarra acknowledged the long lines and the problems that the servers have experienced but did not indicate that they were under attack. He only thanked the players for their patience.

In the next post on Twitter though, he sang a different tune. He officially confirmed that the game’s launch has been affected by the malicious actions of a third-party, which was attacking the servers with DDoS attacks. He reported that the teams are now working hard to manage this issue. He also acknowledged this was the cause of the connection issues.

Second Attack Preparations

Today, Game Director Aaron Keller posted on his personal Twitter account that they are now working throughout the night to get the game back online again. He reported that the team is making steady progress on fixing the issues and making the server connection stable. They are also preparing for another DDoS attack that could happen anytime. They will be sharing more news when it becomes available.

Now we all know why queues were so long. Some individuals do not want fans to have fun with this much-anticipated sequel.

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Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.