Palworld: Fenglope Location, Breeding, Drops, Skills & Stats

A guide on How to Get Fenglopes in Palworld

Palworld Fenglope cover

Palworld’s Fenglope is one of the best land mounts that can be obtained in the game for its ability to do double jumps and its very fast dash. Fenglope is tagged as #93 on the Paldeck and is a Neutral-type which makes it weak against Dark types. Read ahead as we share the locations where Fenglope can be captured, how to breed for one in Palworld, along with insights into its drops, skills, and stats.

Fenglope Location: Where to find Fenglope in Palworld?

Fenglope Location: Where to find Fenglope in Palworld?

To find Fenglope, travel over to the Falls Mineshaft at the west end of the Ascetic Falls during daytime and nighttime. They can also be encountered in the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary and the southern side of Mount Obsidian.

Breeding Combo: How to breed Fenglope in Palworld?

Fenglope can be obtained by breeding one male and one female Fenglope, and can be bred early from these following combinations:

  • Fenglope(♂) + Fenglope(♀) = Fenglope
  • Mau + Cinnamoth = Fenglope
  • Lifmunk + Penking = Fenglope
  • Eikthyrdeer + Robinquill = Fenglope
  • Direhowl + Melpaca = Fenglope
  • Lamball + Azurobe = Fenglope

Fenglope Stats

Here are Fenglope’s stats and key attributes such as its health, defense, stamina, and various attack capabilities:

  • HP: 110
  • Defense: 90
  • Stamina: 100
  • Support: 100
  • Melee Attack: 110
  • Shot Attack: 110
  • Crafting Speed: 100
  • Running Speed: 750
  • Slow Walk Speed: 85
  • Sprinting Speed: 1050

Fenglope Skills

Active SkillLevel UnlockedDescription
Air CannonLv 1Quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.
Aqua GunLv 7Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy.
Cloud TempestLv 15Fenglope’s exclusive skill. Charges forward while manipulating the atmosphere to create a pressurized wind tunnel around itself.
Acid RainLv 22Creates acidic clouds that pour down acid rain on enemies.
Aqua BurstLv 30Creates a giant ball of water and hurls it at an enemy.
Blizzard SpikeLv 40Creates a giant lump of ice and hurls it at an enemy. It deals damage to those in the surrounding area upon impact.
Pal BlastLv 50Charges destructive energy before firing a high-powered beam forward across a wide area.
Wind and CloudsPartner SkillCan be ridden. Can double jump while mounted.

Fenglopes are one of the best mounts to use when traversing the world on land due to its high jumps coupled by its partner skill, Wind and Clouds, which allows it to make double jumps. It also has its exclusive skill, Cloud Tempest, which can be used to dash and cover a large distance quickly.

If used as a dedicated mount, Fenglope could take advantage of the passive skills that boost its movement speed, such as Legend, Swift, Runner, and Nimble.

Fenglope Drops

Fenglope can drop the following items when hunted:

  • Leather
  • Horn

Fenglope is a recommended mount that could even go on par with some flying mounts when it comes to its vertical capabilities. With all of its skills, it can also be considered as the fastest Pal for traversing the map.