Palworld: How to Get and Farm Leather

A complete guide on how to get leather fast and the best location to farm it in Palword

Palworld How to Get and Farm Leather

Palworld is an amazing monster-catching game. If you can look past that Unreal asset store aesthetic, you will find a game that’s not only deep but allows you to do things you wished other monster-catching games did. With that being said, we can’t overlook the basics as gathering materials and turning them into work materials is a matter of life and death in survival games.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can get leather in Palworld, one of the materials needed to get past the Stone Age and into the Metal Age of your tech tree. Unfortunately, in the game’s current early access state, the game won’t provide you hints as to where to get the precious resource. And you will need to create mounts, armor, and accessories needed to tackle higher-level content.

Where to Get Leather in Palworld

Where to Get Leather in Palworld

To get leather in Palworld, you’ll either have to knock out certain Pals and go through the stuff they drop or capture them in Palspheres. The captured Pals almost always net you resources but knocking them out is the better option if you don’t want your Pal storage to be stuffed with unwanted Pals.

To know which Pals drop leather, capture a Pal and then look at their Paldeck entry. On the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see its ‘Possible Drops’. There you will see whether or not they drop leather. For the early game, I suggest looking for Foxparks, Fuacks, Roobys, Rushoars, and even Vixys count. Other Pals give leather but know they might be more trouble than they are worth if you are just starting the game.

Note: Larger Pals like Eikthyrdeer often drop two pieces of leather. As you get stronger, you can start looking for these Pals when you can effectively one-shot them.

How to Farm Leather in Palworld

How to Farm Leather in Palworld

When it comes to farming leather, it’s always a good idea to take note of certain spots on the map. If you happen to find a spot where these Pals tend to congregate, mark it on your map. You may return there again if you need to find more leather.

And finally, make sure that these Pals are easy to take down for your level. It wouldn’t be a farm if you made an effort to hunt stronger Pals for a few pieces of leather.

That covers how to get leather and the best locations to farm it. If you would like to see more guides and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our main page for Palworld.