Palworld: Maraith Location, Breeding, Drops, Skills & Stats

A guide on How to Get Maraith in Palworld

Palworld Maraith cover

Palworld’s Maraith is one of the must-have Pals to get for a productive base. Due to their nocturnal nature, they do not sleep at night and can therefore continue to work all night long. Maraith is tagged as #66 in the Paldeck and is a Dark-type pal which is resistant to Neutral types and weak against Dragon types. Read ahead as we share the locations on where Maraith can be captured, how to breed for one in Palworld, along with insights into its drops, skills, and stats.

Where to find Maraith in Palworld?

To find Maraith, head over to the northern snowy region of the map during nighttime. Use the Pristine Snow Field fast travel point to quickly reach the area and make sure that you have enough protection for the cold temperature. Maraith often spawn in pairs or in threes and they can be easily spotted in the with their purplish glow coming from their flames.

How to breed Maraith in Palworld?

Maraith can be obtained by breeding one male and one female Maraith, and can be bred early from these following combinations:

  • Maraith(♂) + Maraith(♀) = Maraith
  • Mau + Dinossom = Maraith
  • Rushoar + Wixen = Maraith
  • Lifmunk + Celaray = Maraith
  • Eikthrydeer + Jolthog = Maraith
  • Teafant + Chillet = Maraith

Alternatively, Maraith can be bred with an Incineram to get an Incineram Noct and it is the only breeding pair to do so other than breeding two Incineram Nocts.

Maraith Stats

Here are Maraith’s stats and key attributes such as its health, defense, stamina, and various attack capabilities:

  • HP: 75
  • Defense: 80
  • Stamina: 100
  • Support: 100
  • Melee Attack: 50
  • Shot Attack: 105
  • Crafting Speed: 100
  • Running Speed: 600
  • Slow Walk Speed: 100
  • Sprinting Speed: 800

Maraith Skills

Active SkillLevel UnlockedDescription
Ignis BlastLv 1Hurls a ball of fire straight at an enemy.
Dark BallLv 7Unleashes a sphere of darkness that slowly tracks down the enemy.
Flare ArrowLv 15Fires three flaming arrows in succession that home in on an enemy.
Shadow BurstLv 22Quickly discharges dark energy, damaging those around it.
Spirit FlameLv 30Fires three balls of malice that relentlessly pursue an enemy.
Nightmare BallLv 40Creates a giant ball of darkness and hurls it at an enemy.
Dark LaserLv 50Charges dark energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.
Messenger of DeathPartner SkillCan be ridden. Applies Dark damage to the player’s attacks while mounted.

Maraith is a mountable pal that is great for traversing the land while in the dark, thanks to its glow. Its partner skill, Messenger of Death, applies Dark damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. Its mount can be unlocked at Technology Level 23.

Maraith is one of the nocturnal Pals that are useful to have at a base as they do not sleep so they do not require a sleeping bed, plus they can work throughout the night. Swap them out when nighttime comes to keep your base’s operations going.

Maraith has Lv1 Mining and Lv2 Gathering, which greatly helps in bases with plantations.

Maraith Drops

Maraith can drop the following items when hunted:

  • Bone
  • Small Pal Soul

Maraith is an uncommon Pal, but is an essential one to get for players who are aiming to get a complete Paldeck, not only for its own entry, but in order to get an alternative option to own an Incineram Noct. Players who wish to keep their bases’ operations going throughout the day may also find some value in having these two Dark-type pals working in their base.