Palworld: How to Get and Farm Sulfur

A complete guide on how to get sulfur fast and the best location to farm it in Palword

Palworld How to Get and Farm Sulfur

Sulfur is one of the main resources in Palworld and is used to create gunpowder, which is a necessary component for creating various weapon ammunitions in the game. Although It can be found in the open world; it’ll be a rough journey with a lot of fire-type Pal encounters when trying to get the resource yourself. As such, let’s go over the best locations to look for Sulfur and how to get it in Palworld.

How to get Sulfur in Palworld

Palworld How to Get Sulfur

Sulfur in Palworld is characterized as yellow rock mineral deposits that can be mined using a pickaxe or with a miner Pal such as Rushroar, Digtoise, and Blazamut.

Sulfur nodes can be found inside dungeons or in the forest and desert areas like Twilight Dunes, but they mostly spawn around the hot areas of Mount Obsidian, which is located in the southeast part of the map.

With that said, it’s recommended to craft heat-resistant armor before exploring the region to prevent yourself from dying, and a flying mount to climb the steep areas of the mountain.

Best Sulfur farming locations in Palworld

Listed below are two specific locations that the vast majority of players considered to be the best sulfur farming spots in Palworld. It’s close to the fast travel points with fewer (but not entirely zero) hostile pals around, so it’s pretty much accessible in the long run.

1. Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance

Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance - Best Sulfur farming locations in Palworld

There are a total of 7–8 sulfur mineral deposits that spawn near the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance; the exact location is marked on the map above, and its exact coordinates are -597,522. Keep in mind that before you begin mining the rock sulfurs, it is advisable to deal with the group of Brothers of the Eternal Pyre enemies that regularly wander near the tower.

2. Mount Obsidian Midpoint

Mount Obsidian Midpoint - Best Sulfur farming locations in Palworld

You can mine 5–6 sulfur mineral deposits to the south of the Mount Obsidian Midpoint, with the exact coordinates of -495,512. It is a small rock island surrounded by lava, and getting there through a flying mount is recommended to avoid hostile ground-type pals roaming around the area.

That covers how to get sulfur and the best locations to farm it. If you would like to see more guides and walkthroughs, make sure to check out our main page for Palworld.