Palworld: Vixy Location, Breeding, Drops, Skills & Stats

A guide on How to Get Vixy in Palworld

Palworld Vixy cover

Palworld’s Vixy is a great Pal to have early on in the game due to its ability to graze and essentially scavenge very helpful items like Pal Spheres and Arrows. Vixy is tagged as #104 in the Paldeck and is a Neutral-type Pal which makes it weak against Dark types. Read ahead as we share the locations on where Vixy can be captured, how to breed for one in Palworld, along with insights into its drops, skills, and stats.

Where to find Vixy in Palworld?

Where to find Vixy in Palworld

To find Vixy, explore the areas in between the Desolate Church and the Small Settlement near the area on the south side of the map, both in daytime and in nighttime. Vixy is an uncommon spawn and they usually spawn in pairs or in threes.

How to breed Vixy in Palworld?

Vixy can be obtained by breeding one male and one female Vixy, and can be bred early from these following combinations:

  • Vixy(♂) + Vixy(♀) = Vixy
  • Lifmunk + Cattiva = Vixy
  • Teafant + Foxsparks = Vixy
  • Chikipi + Foxsparks = Vixy
  • Mau + Sparkit = Vixy

As for its passive skills, breeding a Vixy with a Workaholic or Diet Lover passive will be preferable for what it will be used for in the base.

Vixy Stats

Vixy Stats Palworld

Here are Vixy’s stats and key attributes such as its health, defense, stamina, and various attack capabilities:

  • HP: 70
  • Defense: 70
  • Stamina: 100
  • Support: 140
  • Melee Attack: 70
  • Shot Attack: 70
  • Crafting Speed: 100
  • Running Speed: 350
  • Slow Walk Speed: 30
  • Sprinting Speed: 450

Vixy Skills

Active SkillLevel UnlockedDescription
Air CannonLv 1Quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.
Sand BlastLv 7Hurls sticky mud at an enemy.
Power ShotLv 15Charges energy into a focused blast.
Wind CutterLv 22Fires a high speed blade of wind that flies straight at an enemy.
Seed Machine GunLv 30Fires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it.
Power BombLv 40Charges a massive amount of energy before firing a large destructive ball.
Pal BlastLv 50Charges destructive energy before firing a high-powered beam forward across a wide area.
Dig Here!Partner SkillSometimes digs up items from the ground when assigned to a Ranch.

Vixy is a must have in a base at the early part of a game because of its Dig Here! skill which allows it to dig up Pal Spheres, Arrows, and some gold coins in a Ranch. As soon as the Ranch is unlocked at level 5, put around 2 to 4 Vixy in it and they will continuously provide spheres and arrows which can help alleviate or even eliminate the need to craft them; the resources can then be put into other uses such as stone into Paldium Fragment production and wood into Charcoal production.

Vixy’s rank can also be upgraded higher through a Pal Essence Condenser which would also improve the quality of spheres it can dig up. A rank 3 Vixy will have a small chance of digging up a Mega Sphere.

Vixy also has Lv1 Gathering, although there are other Pals that can be caught early on that are better at gathering.

Vixy Drops

Vixy can drop the following items when hunted:

  • Leather
  • Bone

Vixy is a pal that shouldn’t be slept on as it can make the early part of the game less grindy and more efficient. The benefits that its grazing skill give can boost players much quicker throughout the first thirty levels.