Payday 3 Bringing the Gang Back to “Richer” Sights

Think "Apple" as a hint.

Developer Starbreeze Studios and publisher Prime Matter have officially announced Payday 3.

Payday 3 Brings Back Payday Gang!

After the big success and its very long “life” in the gaming market, Starbreeze Studios has finally decided to announce a new entry to the Payday series. Payday 3 has been confirmed and it will be coming later this year on PC via Steam and consoles.

Wishlist Now

On its Steam page, fans can now wishlist the upcoming game and follow its community hub. They can check that out for the latest info, or they can just check out here on Sirus Gaming for the latest news about Payday 3.

Onto the Big Apple!

Based on the latest post on Steam, the Payday Gang members will still be Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf. The stage is now set in New York City, which is known for being the capital of the world. Fans will be able to learn what made these notorious four bank heisters come back from retirement.

Possible Release Window?

Payday 2 launched way back on August 13, 2013, which will make it 10 years old this year. This would be the perfect time to release the third sequel but what specific date would it launch? Chances are, the official release window would be on August 2023 to time it right for the anniversary. Think about it: a double celebration for the launch of Payday 3 and the big decade anniversary of Payday 2. Strike two birds with one stone.

Coming to Switch?

Also, Starbreeze Studios mentioned that the game is coming to consoles. PlayStation and Xbox would be definite choices, but would it be possible for a Nintendo Switch version just like its predecessor? Who knows. Stay tuned!

Payday 3 launches on Steam and Consoles later in 2023.