Top 10 Best Weapons in Payday 3

Here are the top 10 Payday 3 guns that will excel in any heist scenario.

Payday 3 guns featured

As you complete heists and build your underworld reputation, better weapons become available to you in Payday 3. Most of the heists in the game are geared toward stealth. However, when things get heated up, you want the best guns in Payday 3 to deal with law enforcement coming to stop you.

Almost all Payday 3 guns are level-locked, even the preset weapons bought with C-Stacks. As you play through heists, you’ll quickly amass such a large amount of funds that getting weapons can be trivial. Read on as we show you the best Payday 3 guns you can use.


VF-7S - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The VF-7S, better known as the SCAR, is an automatic assault rifle that unlocks pretty late in Payday 3. You have to be Level 77 to be able to purchase it from the vendor. It has high precision that makes aiming for weak spots against enemies pretty easy and a decent rate of fire that makes it reliable in close-to-medium ranges.

For a late-game weapon, the VF-7S does have a few things lacking compared to other guns. It has a lower ammo count in its magazine and even lower reserves.

Reinfeld 880

Reinfeld 880 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The Reinfeld 880 is a pump-action shotgun that outperforms any in its category. Considering the lack of shotguns in Payday 3, the Reinfeld 880 is really the only valid weapon for those looking to fight in close quarters. It packs a massive punch and has more ammunition compared to the double-barreled Mosconi. This shotgun is also unlocked pretty early in the game.

When dealing with enemies who have shields or heavy armor, the Reinfeld 880 is better than almost any gun. What it lacks in range makes up for high damage in close quarters.


CAR-4 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The CAR-4 is the default fully automatic rifle that you already come equipped with. Despite being what is essentially the starter weapon of Payday 3, the CAR-4 can take you all the way to the end. It’s highly customizable, and its above-average performance in gun fights already makes this a high-tier Payday 3 weapon.

Even with Payday 3 having plenty of automatic rifles to choose from, not many can outperform the CAR-4. So even at high levels, you’ll still be tempted to use this gun even when others are available.

J&M Castigo 44

J&M Castigo 44 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

Revolvers like the J&M Castigo 44 aren’t as appreciated in Payday 3 because most secondaries are often catered to stealth approaches. However, the J&M Castigo 44 packs one heck of a punch for a gun that can be unlocked pretty early in the game. On shootouts, you’ll definitely want the J&M Castigo 44 for when your primary weapon runs out of ammunition.

The J&M Castigo 44 is also quite versatile and offers a lot of weapon mods for better performance. If you’re not planning on taking the quiet approach, this is the best side weapon to pick in Payday 3.

Marcom Mamba MGL

As an overkill weapon, the Marcom Mamba MGL can’t exactly be bought from a vendor; however, there are only two to choose from, and this one definitely comes out on top. This grenade launcher can take out groups of enemies, which is often the case since they like to stick close together.

The catch is that the Marcom Mamba MGL can’t be used until you fill up your Overkill bar, which is only done by killing more enemies. On a stealth run, you won’t really see this weapon, but if you’re planning on whipping the Marcom Mamba MGL out, you probably aren’t planning on going in quiet.


FIK PC9 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The FIK PC9 is a compact submachine gun best suited for close-quarters combat. Its high fire rate and low recoil make it shred through enemies very quickly. Though you’ll have trouble fighting off those pesky snipers outside the venue, most of the combat takes place indoors anyway.

The downside to using the FIK PC9 is that you have to watch your ammunition. You can easily run out if you don’t have anyone playing the role of ammo supplier.

Signature 40

Signature 40 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The Signature 40 is a typical semi-automatic pistol with a lot of good uses. This is one of the best sidearms in Payday 3, from start to finish. Equip a silencer on it, and you’ll be able to take out cameras and guards with a single shot. Since a lot of Payday 3 is built towards stealth, you’ll always carry a Signature 40 with you.

During combat, the Signature 40 may take more than a couple of shots to take enemies down, but its versatility in stealth makes it an important weapon to always have. Especially for beginners since the Signature 40 is unlocked by default.


KU-59 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The KU-59 is an automatic assault rifle clearly modeled after the AK-47. Its high rate of fire, decent damage output, and versatility make it the perfect weapon for any heist not taking a quiet approach. The KU-59 is easy to control, and you’ll be putting down a lot of enemies with this weapon alone.

It almost has no downsides, with the KU-59 being suited for pushing back enemies during a raid. It handles well and hits so hard that there’s no reason to pick any other assault rifle in the game.

Signature 403

Signature 403 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The Signature 403 is the best secondary weapon to take on any heist. This semi-automatic pistol is not only great for quiet heists but also has a high rate of fire and low recoil, making it the perfect backup weapon when things go loud. Even though you unlock it at Level 59, it doesn’t need many upgrades to already be lethal.

Unlike the regular Signature 40, the 403 has more ammunition, even in its base magazine. Almost all other stats seem similar; however, the Signature 403 is definitely a step up.


SA-A144 - Payday 3 Top 10 Best Weapons

The SA-A144 is a high-precision semi-automatic rifle that can seem underwhelming at first until you level it up and gain access to more weapon mods, where it becomes an utter beast. Its high damage and easy ammo pick-up rate make it reliable for any encounter against raids. The SA-A144 can perform at any range but will shine when paired with specific skills like Marksman.

The only downside to the SA-A144 is that it has a bit of recoil and a low fire rate. So you’ll have to reset your aim every time you fire a shot, but it more than makes up for it by packing a punch at any distance.