PC Game Pass New Name for Xbox Game Pass for PC

The new name of the subscription service for PC.

Microsoft has now changed the name of its Xbox Game Pass for PC with PC Game Pass.

At The Game Awards 2021, a clip showed how the team behind the Xbox Game Pass thought of changing the name of it for the PC version. It did not quite make it easy to say the name as it a lot of syllables to go through. This new version is now called PC Game Pass, but nothing has changed all, except the screen captures.

On social media, it has now changed its name to PC Game Pass as well. It then made fun of those who follow rumors. “We heard a rumor that we’re changing our logo and name. the rumor is true,” talking about their name change even though there was no rumor about it.

The account shared its new patch notes changing from Xbox Game Pass for PC to the new PC Game Pass. The notes include the logo being updated, the team getting a tattoo, and that is about it. No other reason.

The new video that was shown at TGA 2021 featured Dave and GaTa.