PC Game Pass Possibly Getting a PlayStation-Exclusive Game Soon

It couldn't be.... That's impossibru!

DEATH STRANDING™_20191111034355

PC Game Pass is possibly teasing its consumers that it might be getting a game that has been exclusive to PlayStation only.

PC Game Pass Teases Fans

To everyone’s surprise, the official Twitter account of PC Game Pass shared a really strange post that made fans scratch their heads. “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic”, says the post. This then led them to check the profile pic, which was indeed a landscape picture of a green hill, some greenery, and a boulder. Some have commented that it looks a lot like Iceland where a lot of these green pastures are.

Is It What We Think It is?!

For pure Xbox fans, this was confusing. For players who own consoles from “both sides of the fence” aka PlayStation and Xbox, this was rather familiar. According to one Twitter user, the picture looks like a landscape from Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece, Death Stranding. Another user even found the same spot of the landscape that PC Game Pass used as a profile pic. He also has another image with the boulder in focus with Sam Bridges on the side and rather doing some “nature stuff” on it.

PC Game Pass Keeping Silent… For Now

PC Game Pass did not confirm nor deny the claims of the fans that this was taken from Death Stranding and the possibility that it would be coming to PC Game Pass soon. It does look really familiar though, but such green pastures are quite common in other games so it could be something else entirely. Or, this could be one of the deals that Kojima offered for partnering with Microsoft for a future game. Who knows.

pc game pass profile pic?
Looks very familiar… Hmmm…

Death Stranding is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. Possibly getting a PC Game Pass version soon?