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With tips on how to get this seemingly elusive hide.

khezu pearl hide

Pearl Hide is a material that can be carved or dropped from a Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise, specifically from a High Rank Khezu.

High Rank Khezu can only be hunted in Hub Quests or in Frost Islands expeditions, but only when it’s reported to spawn in the area.

Pearl Hide Drop Rate

  • Target Reward – 14%
  • Capture Reward – 16%
  • Carves (Body) – 37%
  • Broken Part Reward (Leg) – 100%
  • Dropped Material Reward (Wyvern Riding) – 50%
  • Palico Pick-up – 29%

Tips and Tricks for Easy Pearl Hide Farming

Maximize your Pearl Hide hunt with these tips:

  • Focus on breaking the legs for a guaranteed Pearl Hide.
    • Khezu legs are weak to severing damage, so use weapons like the Long Sword, Dual Blades, or Sword and Shield that can do low sweeping attacks.
    • Khezu are weak to fire, so also consider using weapons with fire element as elemental damage contribute to part breaking.
    • Projectile damage is almost as strong as severing damage when attacking Khezu legs.
  • Use shock traps to get longer windows to attack the legs.
  • For mounting, try to crash Khezu to the walls to get as many shiny drops as possible.

Uses for Pearl Hide

Forged Weapons

  • Khezu Tree
    • Bolt Chamber I (x3) (IG)
  • Thunder Tree
    • K. Captain’s Blade I (x3) (CB)
  • Rampage Tree
    • Rampage C. Blade I (x2) (CB)

Upgraded Weapons

  • Khezu Tree
    • Painful Razor (x3) (SnS)
    • High Volt Gunlance (x4) (GL)
    • Khezu Skards (x2) (DB)
    • Bag o’ Thunder (x2) (H)
    • Galvanized Core (x3) (B)
    • Khezu Cleaver (x3) (SA)
    • Khezu Flute (x4) (HH)
    • Khezu Hypo (x3) (LBG)
    • Khezu Shock Blade (GS)
  • Thunder Tree
    • The Power Shredder (x2) (SA)
  • Smithy Tree
    • Pounder of Rice (x3) (CB)

High Rank Armor

  • Khezu S Set
    • Khezu Helm S (x4)
    • Khezu Mail S (x4)
    • Khezu Coil S (x3)
    • Khezu Greaves S (x1)
  • Mizutsune S Set
    • Mizutsune Coil S (x2)
  • Mizuha Set
    • Mizuha Sash (x2)
  • Shell-Studded S Set
    • Shell-Studded Vest S (x2)
    • Shelled Sandals S (x3)


  • Thunder Res Jewel 1 (x2)
  • Bolt Jewel 1 (x2)

Melding Pot

  • 15 Melding Points
    • Reflecting Pool
    • Haze
2 Pearl Hides from shinies + 1 from carve + 1 from broken part rewards = 4 Pearl Hides. Not bad.

We hoped that you managed to get a couple of Pearl Hides with this guide.

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