Persona 4 Golden Rumored to Launch on PC This Week

Persona 4 Golden

New rumors suggest that a beloved JRPG coming from Atlus, Persona 4 Golden might be coming to PC via Steam this week.

The beloved PlayStation 2 game is rumored to be coming to PC and the version will be the one from the PlayStation Vita. It will be the latest one with new content like new characters, costumes, Persona forms, and more. The visuals were also improved with the power of the PS Vita hardware.

The rumor started when someone found the game’s SteamDB listing with accompanying imagery. It featured a banner and possibly the avatar icon of the game. Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad claimed that it will be announced and released on the same that. Other analysts like Wario64 supported the claims that it is real.

There was also a Denuvo support page for the game, which had all of the details that would convince anyone that the PC release is real. Atlus West also confirmed that it will release “exciting news” on PC Gaming Show, which will be on June 13. This could be it.

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