Persona 4 Golden Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some pointers to help you out in your Persona 4 Golden trophy run

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And here we are, the game that brought the Persona series closer to the mainstream. (It also helped that the anime was really good.) Persona 4 Golden was the first real Persona game many fans started off with.

In this trophy guide, we’ll show you what you need to do in order to get the platinum trophy for Persona 4 Golden. And yes, in typical Persona fashion, it’ll take no less than two playthroughs to have a shot at the platinum trophy. But hey, it’s a really fun game and if you really love it, time will be no issue.

There are 50 trophies to collect in total:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 3 Gold Trophies
  • 6 Silver Trophies
  • 40 Bronze Trophies

Persona 4 Golden Trophy List


  • Golden Completed: Earn all trophies


  • The Truth In Your Hands: Defeat Izanami
  • One Who Has Proven Their Power: Defeat Margaret
  • Thorough Bookkeeper: Complete the Persona Compendium


  • Welcome Back: Rescue Marie
  • The Reaper Becomes the Reaped: Defeat the Reaper
  • Mr. Perfect: Max out all social qualities
  • The Power of Truth: Create Izanagi-no-Okami
  • Moderate Bookkeeper: Register over 50% of the Compendium
  • Legend of Inaba: Max out all Social Links


  • A Prince Appears: Rescue Yukiko Amagi
  • A True Man’s Stand: Rescue Kanji Tatsumi
  • The Lounge is Closed: Rescue Rise Kujikawa
  • Game Over: Secure Mitsuo Kubo
  • Boarded-Up Lab: Rescue Naoto Shirogane
  • The Return of the Angels: Rescue Nanako Dojima
  • Breaking Through the Fog: Secure Tohru Adachi
  • Fusion Expert: Perform 50 Persona fusions
  • Special Fusion Expert: Use 4 or more Personas in a special fusion
  • The Nose Doesn’t Always Know: Experience a fusion accident
  • Persona Shopper: Buy a Persona from the Compendium
  • A Favor for Marie: Register a Skill Card
  • Card Collector: Register 100 Skill Cards
  • Displaying Adaptability: Switch Personas 5 times in 1 battle
  • Hardcore Risette Fan: Hear 250 of Rise’s navigation lines
  • Going Nova: Deal over 999 damage in 1 attack
  • Skilled Commander: Perform 50 All-Out Attacks
  • Tactical Fighter: Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times
  • Fill Your Hand: Get 50 Sweep Bonuses
  • Grasping at Greed: Defeat a Golden Hand
  • Food Fighter: Finish Aiya’s special dish
  • Compulsive Reader: Read all books
  • It’s Working Today: Buy an item from the Capsule Machine
  • Lucky Me!: Win a prize from the vending machine
  • Granter of Your Desires: Buy 5 things from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities
  • Seize the Moment: Buy a special croquette from Sozai Daigaku
  • Cooking With Gas: Make 5 perfect boxed lunches
  • A Special Lady: Enter a special relationship with someone
  • The Other Self: Obtain the Persona Izanagi
  • Fashion Plate: Fight a battle in costume
  • Head of the Class: Rank #1 in your class on an exam
  • Fishing Master: Catch the Sea Guardian
  • A True Bond: Max out a Social Link
  • Bond Maniac: Max out 10 Social Links
  • An Acquired Taste: Drink the coffee at Chagall Cafe
  • Movie Buff: Go to movies at 30 Frame
  • Bug Hunter: Swing the net with perfect timing
  • Advantage Mine: Enter a battle with Player Advantage
  • Big Bro is Worried: Visit Nanako in the hospital 3 times
  • A New Quiz King: Win the Miracle Quiz Finals

Hidden Trophies:

  • A Prince Appears
  • A True Man’s Stand
  • The Lounge Is Closed
  • Game Over
  • Boarded-Up Lab
  • The Return of the Angels
  • Breaking Through the Fog
  • Welcome Back
  • The Truth In Your Hands

Before we delve deeper into this trophy guide, let’s get this out of the way. On average, you’re looking at a completion run of around 100 hours through two playthroughs. The first one is to obtain the True Ending. This will allow you to go after locked trophies on your second playthrough.

The trophies you need to unlock in order to get the true ending are Breaking Through the Fog and The Truth In Your Hands. Obtaining the latter will trigger the final dungeon and you can end your first playthrough there.

On your second playthrough of Persona 4 Golden, you should have everything you need in order to start the platinum run in earnest.

The reason why you want to do the heavy stuff on your second playthrough is because New Game+ allows you to customize several settings such as your EXP earn rate and damage values. You’ll have access to items you’ve unlocked in your first run. This will go a long way in terms of social links.

In this run, you’ll want to focus on everything you’ve missed in your first playthrough. This include but is not limited to:

  • Maxing out all social links (Legend of Inaba Silver trophy)
  • Completing the Persona Compendium (Thorough Bookkeeper Gold trophy)
  • Register 100 Skill Cards (Card Collector Bronze trophy)
  • Read all books (Compulsive Reader Bronze trophy)
  • Defeat Margaret (One Who Has Proven Their Power Gold trophy)
  • Defeat The Reaper (The Reaper Becomes the Reaped Silver trophy)

Trophies like the Hardcore Risette Fan Bronze trophy and the Welcome Back Silver trophy you can get on the first playthrough to further ease the process. Missing these trophies in your second playthrough will require another playthrough.

And finally, to unlock the A New Quiz King Bronze trophy, you’ll need to answer quizzes from the TV overlay screen in the main menu. You need to overcome 3 rounds in order to secure the trophy. But here’s the catch, the final round can only be unlocked after defeating Adachi.

And there you have it, everything you need to be aware of when going for your Persona 4 Golden platinum trophy run. We hope this trophy guide has been useful to you in some capacity. Happy hunting, Persona user.

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