Phasmophobia Update Adds New Content Including Ghosts

A tease on the new ghosts, improvements to the main menu UI, and more.

Kinetic Games has recently announced an upcoming new Phasmophobia update and it will bring new content for fans to enjoy.

Phasmophobia Update Adds Ghosts and More

The contents of update v0.6.2 was recently revealed by the developer team, which will include some of the best ones that these minor updates have introduced. The new minor update will have new ghosts, a new truck design, layout, and a brand new voice recognition system.

Phasmophobia Update

There will be two new ghosts in the upcoming update, but the names are only teased for now as they are being blurred on the recent image that got uploaded. They also have their own descriptions hinted, but most of them are still blurred out.

Main Menu UI Improved

Phasmophobia Update

The Main Menu UI has been improved with the upcoming Phasmophobia update. It will change the way players create lobbies.

  • Players will now create public and private lobbies from the same screen, and have a couple of new options!
  • You can decide the maximum player limit for your games, if you’re only feeling like playing duos today, you can!
  • Lastly, the new lobby selection screen will have a new filter for what language players speak, this allows players to specify the primary language that will be used in those games! This is optional, and you can also set this option to “any” if you want to.

Sunny Meadows Torture Items

Sunny meadows will have new assets to check out with the upcoming Phasmophobia update. The dev team has been creating interesting new torture tools for use in the restricted area. Some of them include dental tools, some old tooth lying around, old surgical tools, and a weird way to cure the sick.

ID Cards Improved

The ID Cards have been improved too. The custom difficulty update is now in development and recently there is now the ability to toggle between Role and Prestige Theme. It can even hide the role badge completely if players want to.

Reporting Made Easy and Fair

The report system is being improved as well. This is at the back end of the system and will allow the dev team and the Discord team to view reports and ban players accordingly. They will make sure no one will be banned because a lobby of players decided to troll and report someone for being bad at the game.

Phasmophobia Update

The ban durations will be tiered depending on offenses. No one will be banned permanently for a low offense Repeating offenses will increase the ban duration and might end up as a perma-ban from multiplayer and private lobbies.

An in-game “Recent Players” page will be added to the journal. Players who get kicked from a hacker’s lobby can still report that player with this method.

Phasmophobia is now available on PC.