Phasmophobia: 13 Willow Street Cursed Item Locations

A complete guide that shows all Cursed Item Spawn Locations for the 13 Willow Street map in Phasmophobia.

13 Willow Street Cursed Item Locations Phasmophobia

In Phasmophobia, 13 Willow Street is one of the smaller maps, with a classic suburban house layout. The house has two floors, the main level and a basement. The main floor is relatively open with fewer enclosed rooms compared to 6 Tanglewood Drive, but cursed items can still be missable. Cursed items are powerful objects that can be used for identifying the ghost, triggering events, or even completing optional challenges.

Keep in mind, only one cursed item will appear per investigation by default, and there are currently 7 cursed items in Phasmophobia. Some of them are spawned around furniture, in plain sight, and even directly under our noses, so it’s important to note where these items are. Read on, and this guide will show you where to find all spawn locations for each type of cursed possession in 13 Willow Street.

13 Willow Street Cursed Items Locations Map Phasmophobia
A map layout of 13 Willow Street showing all spawn locations for each type of cursed item.

Music Box

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Music Box

The Music Box at 13 Willow Street spawns left of the main entrance on top of a dresser. As soon as you enter the house, it’s easily spotted because it is just below the light switch.

Tarot Cards

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Tarot Cards

The Tarot Cards at 13 Willow Street can be found in the living room near the entryway on the ground floor. When you open the front door, look to your right to find the Tarot Card on a small round table beside the couch.

Ouija Board

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Ouija Board

The Ouija Board at 13 Willow Street can be found on top of the washer in the garage. As you enter the house, continue forward past the living room until you reach the kitchen. Once there, enter through the door to your left to reach the garage and go around the far right corner (at the back of the car) to find the Ouija board.

Haunted Mirror

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Haunted Mirror

The Haunted Mirror at 13 Willow Street can also be found on the floor inside the washroom within the garage, behind the steel racks.

Monkey Paw

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Monkey Paw

The Monkey Paw at 13 Willow Street is located inside a white cabinet on the ground floor hallway, in between the basement and bathroom doors. To get there, simply walk straight past the living room and kitchen, you’ll immediately see the cabinet once you step into the hallway.

Voodoo Doll

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Voodoo Doll Location

The Voodoo Doll at 13 Willow Street can spawn in the Boys (blue) bedroom inside the white cabinet . To get there, go through the living room and the kitchen until you reach the end of the hallway. Once there, Head inside the door to your right to reach the blue bedroom.

Summoning Circle

Phasmophobia 13 Willow Street Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle at 13 Willow Street can be found in the basement just like other maps. As you enter the front door, continue forward until you reach the hallway past the living room and kitchen. Once there, enter through the door on your left (across the bathroom) and go down the stairs to reach the basement.

This concludes our guide on all cursed item locations at 13 Willow Street. Also check our consolidated guide for All Phasmophobia Cursed Item Locations for every map in the game.

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*This article is a work in progress and will constantly be updated with newer versions of the game.*