Phasmophobia All Cursed Items Locations Guide

Featured Image Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Spawn Locations

Phasmophobia Cursed Items/Possessions are some of the most mysterious and interesting things in the game. They are certainly very dangerous to interact with because of how closely associated they are to starting a hunt. Whenever my friends and I come across a cursed item in the game, we all get excited. But then we end up arguing about who’s going to be the one to use it and face the consequences.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore each cursed item, its location on various maps, its benefits, drawbacks, and when to use them effectively. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, this article will provide you with valuable insights to improve your Phasmophobia gameplay experience.

Before diving into the details of each cursed item, it’s essential to know where to find them on different maps. Here are the locations of each cursed item on various maps:

Phasmophobia Cursed Items Spawn Locations

Willow Street House

phasmophobia willow street cursed item spawn locations


Tarot cards: Small table on the right side as you enter
Voodoo doll: Back right bedroom
Monkey’s Paw: Hallway, by the Bathroom entrance
Haunted Mirror and Ouija board: Garage
Summoning Circle: Basement Hallway
Music box: Left side as you enter

Tanglewood Street House

phasmophobia tanglewood cursed item spawn locations


Tarot cards: Back corner of the living room
Voodoo doll: Garage, on the trash can
Monkey’s paw: Cabinet in the living room
Haunted Mirror: Master bedroom
Summoning Circle and Ouija board: Basement
Music box: Nursery

Ridgeview Road House

phasmophobia ridgeview cursed item spawn locations


Tarot cards: Table near the entrance
Voodoo doll: Bench in the back garden
Monkey’s Paw: Boy’s Bedroom
Haunted Mirror: Dining Room
Summoning Circle: Basement
Music box: Purple bedroom
Ouija Board: Utility


phasmophobia prison cursed item spawn locations


Music box, Voodoo doll, Tarot cards, Monkey’s paw, and Ouija board: Lobby area
Haunted Mirror and Summoning Circle: Behind the pillars in the lobby

Maple Lodge Campsite

phasmophobia maple lodge campsite cursed item spawn locations


Tarot cards: Table at the back of the campsite
Monkey’s paw: Pier, by the dock
Haunted Mirror: In the balloon tent on the left
Music box and Voodoo doll: Campsite’s dock area
Summoning Circle: Cabin Kitchen
Ouija board: Next to the bathrooms and showers

Grafton Farmhouse

phasmophobia grafton farmhouse cursed item spawn locations


Tarot cards: Dining room
Voodoo doll: Nursery
Monkey’s paw: Twin Bedroom
Haunted Mirror: On a wall in the living room, near the foyer
Summoning Circle: Storage
Ouija board: Master Bedroom
Music box: Dining room

Edgefield Street House

phasmophobia edgefield road cursed item spawn locations


Haunted Mirror and Tarot Cards: To the right, as you enter the house
Voodoo doll: Second floor, Large blue bedroom
Monkey’s paw: Second floor, Orange Bedroom
Summoning Circle: Basement
Ouija board: Utility, next to the toilet room
Music box: Living Room

Brownstone High School

phasmophobia brownstone high school cursed item spawn locations


Tarot Cards, Ouija Board, Haunted Mirror, Monkey’s Paw, Music Box: First floor Lobby
Voodoo Doll and Summoning Circle: First floor Main Corridor

Bleasdale Farmhouse

phasmophobia bleasdale farmhouse cursed item spawn locations


Tarot Cards and Haunted Mirror: Office
Ouija Board: Workshop
Music Box: Living Room
Monkey’s Paw: Master Bedroom
Voodoo Doll: Upstairs hallway, between Boy’s bedroom and Side bathroom
Summoning Circle: In the Attic

Camp Woodwind

phasmophobia camp woodwind cursed item spawn locations


Tarot Cards: Picnic Area
Haunted Mirror: By the campfire
Ouija Board: Games Tent
Summoning Circle: Food Tent
Voodoo Doll: Kids Area, near the red tent
Music Box: Yellow Tent
Monkey’s Paw: Lover’s Bench, behind the blue tent

Sunny Meadows Mental Institution

phasmophobia sunny meadows cursed item spawn locations


All cursed items: In the chapel area

Asylum (removed)

Phasmophobia Asylum Cursed objects Locations Map


All cursed items: In the lobby area

We have to thank Redditor Fantismal for their Reddit post detailing the possible spawn locations of each Cursed Item in Phasmophobia. Still it may be possible that the locations given on said images isn’t guaranteed as the game can often be tricky and unpredictable. For now, these are the locations of where you can find the Cursed Items. A future update may change where they spawn. We even managed to confirm the locations above by playing the game ourselves.

All Phasmophobia Cursed Items/Possessions

Ouija Board Phasmophobia Cursed Possession

Ouija Board

Unlike its previous incantations, the Ouija Board has been updated to do things differently. Not only does it have a new appearance, but it also has some new features you need to be aware of. For one thing, the type of question is what determines the sanity reduction. Players no longer have fixed rate based on whether the Ouija Board responds or not. Demons still have the weakness of costing less sanity but it is much less noticeable now.



Success w/ Demon

Current Location of Ghost

40% Sanity Reduction

32% Sanity Reduction

Hide and Seek

25% Sanity Reduction

20% Sanity Reduction

Bone Location, Number of People in Room

20% Sanity Reduction

16% Sanity Reduction

Other Questions

5% Sanity Reduction

4% Sanity Reduction

Ensure your sanity is above 50% to avoid triggering a cursed hunt. Additionally, you have to say “Goodbye” after you’re done interacting with the Ouija board. Failure to do so will cause it to break and the ghost will initiate a Cursed Hunt. Check our guide to All Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions You Can Ask.

Haunted Mirror Phasmophobia Cursed Possession

Haunted Mirror

Haunted Mirror can easily blend into the surroundings. This is what makes it somewhat hard to spot at certain times for those unfamiliar with what it looks like. What it does, is that it allows you to see into the eyes of the ghost which reveals its location. Don’t stay on the Haunted Mirror for too long. It will break upon gazing upon it when your sanity goes down to zero. And once it break, the ghost will initiate a Cursed Hunt. Looking into the mirror for too long drastically lowers your sanity as well. The mirror will shatter once the player’s sanity reaches 0% and it can easily do this as it drains 7.5% sanity per second. Use it to pinpoint the ghost’s room and take pictures, but be cautious as your vision may be compromised.

Voodoo Doll Phasmophobia Cursed Possession

Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo Doll can do a few things. It is quite unpredictable and can be similar to rolling the dice. You’ll notice that it has several pins on it that you can interact with. The pins will move on random. The Voodoo Doll has 10 pins, each of which will cost either 10% or 8% Sanity if you’re facing a Demon. Using the Voodoo Doll will cause the ghost to have an interaction. Check our guide on Where to Find The Voodoo Doll and How to Use It.

Music Box Phasmophobia Cursed Possession

Music Box

The Music Box can be easy to miss due to its small nature. Like its name suggest, it is a music box that causes the ghost to interact. The music box can only be used once so using it should be done in great care. The Music Box is one of the more dangerous Cursed Possession. It will cause the ghost to sing along with it, revealing its location. You need to learn exactly how to use it.

Within 5 meters from the Ghost itself, letting the Music Box play will cause the ghost to start walking towards it. If the ghost touches the music box, it will initiate a Cursed Hunt. If the player drops the music box while its playing, it will also start a Cursed Hunt. The safest way to use the music box is to set it below before playing it. The Music Box has one of biggest effects on Sanity out of any Cursed Items. It will decrease sanity by 73% if you listen to the full song. The further away you are from the Music Box when it starts playing the lower the Sanity decrease. Check our guide on Phasmophobia’s Music Box – Where to Find the and How to Use It.

Summoning Circle Phasmophobia Cursed Possession

Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle is straightforward in nature. It’s one of the more easier to spot Cursed Possessions. Use it primarily for getting the three-star ghost photo, but be cautious of the consequences. Using the Summoning Circle will force the ghost to appear inside the circle but it will eventually break out and hunt you so be sure to do what you need to do and make a break for it. You’ll need a lighter to use the Summoning Circle. You’re out of luck if you forgot to bring some. Each candle you light will decrease 16% of your Sanity. A whooping 80% can be deducted from you if you light all five. Best to have friends that take turns. What is interesting about the Summoning Circle is that it will still be useful in the middle of a hunt. If you summon the ghost inside the circle during a hunt, the hunt will extend by 20 seconds.

Tarot Cards Phasmophobia Cursed Possession

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards function much like the Voodoo Doll. Each card drawn triggers a specific effect. Though its effects are random and can kill you without a moment’s notice. What you pull can either be beneficial or intrusive to your investigation. Check out our complete Phasmophobia Tarot Cards Meanings and Effects guide. The Tarot Card has 10 cards per game. Using them all up gets rid of the Cursed Possession for good. There are 10 different cards but they can be drawn more than once per game.



Draw Chance


Triggers a cursed hunt.


The Devil

Triggers a ghost event.


The Fool

Mimics the look of another card, before turning into The Fool as it burns. No effect is applied when drawing this card.

17%, 100% During Hunts

The Hanged Man

Instantly kills the player.


The Hermit

Teleports the ghost back to its ghost room and traps it there for 1 minute.


The High Priestess

Resurrects a random dead teammate near their corpse.


The Moon

Drops sanity to zero.


The Sun

Fully restores sanity.


The Tower

Causes a ghost interaction.


The Wheel of Fortune

The player gains 25% sanity if the card burns green, or loses 25% sanity if the card burns red.


Tarot Cards can be very unpredictable. The Hanged Man can claim your life unfairly so there should be some exercised caution upon use. If you’re desperate enough, the Tarot Cards may just be what saves you.

Phasmophobia Monkey Paw

Monkey Paw

The Monkey Paw offers players a unique opportunity to make wishes, but these wishes come at a hefty cost – severe consequences that can alter the course of the investigation. When encountering the monkey paw, players need to consider its potential benefits and drawbacks carefully. To use the monkey paw effectively, it’s advised to make wishes that align with specific objectives, such as summoning the ghost for a photograph. Yet, caution is essential, as these wishes can lead to unfavorable outcomes, impacting not only the player but also the overall progress of the investigation, here’s our complete Monkey Paw Locations, Wishes, and Effects guide for your perusal.

Phasmophobia: What Do Cursed Items Do?

  • Cursed Items are very dangerous but they can also be very helpful to your investigation. It is heavily recommended to know what individual Cursed Items do before using them. They can lead to your death.
  • Once you’ve found a Cursed Item, interact with them is usually a guaranteed ghost activity. Usually, because the some like the Tarot Card has a chance of giving you The Fool which does nothing but yank your chain. However using Cursed Items will take a toll on your sanity which will increase the chances of a ghost hunt. So tread lightly. If a hunt begins caused by the Cursed Item, this will trigger a Cursed Hunt which lasts longer than a regular one.
  • Each Cursed Possession has a 1-in-6 chances of spawning. And there will always be a cursed possession on any map you spawn on. It should also be noted that you need an empty hand to pick up Cursed Items with the exception of the Summoning Circle, which requires a lighter. If your inventory is full, you cannot pick them up.
  • The Cursed Items cannot be interacted with outside the haunting grounds. So taking it to your van or outside the house won’t do anything. There is an exception with the Voodoo Doll but it may be an unintended glitch.
  • Taking photos of Cursed Items will give you additional points for your investigation. We suggest capturing it on camera first before use.

Understanding Cursed Hunts and Their Effects

Cursed hunts are a central aspect of cursed items in Phasmophobia. These hunts can be triggered when using some cursed items, and they have severe consequences:

  • A cursed hunt is triggered when using the Ouija board, Summoning Circle, or Monkey’s paw.
  • A cursed hunt cannot be prevented, even by using a crucifix.
  • The first cursed hunt lasts 20 seconds longer than regular hunts.
  • The grace period for cursed hunts is only one second.
  • All subsequent hunts are 20 seconds longer and have only one second of grace period.
  • If your sanity is low while using the Ouija board, the board will break, and a cursed hunt will be triggered.

Cursed items in Phasmophobia can be powerful tools or dangerous traps, depending on how you use them. Understanding the locations, benefits, drawbacks, and when to use each cursed item is crucial for a successful ghost-hunting experience. Always be mindful of your sanity levels and choose wisely when interacting with these enigmatic objects. Good luck and happy hunting!