Phil Spencer Confirms That Xbox Series X Already Has Many Games Available via Backwards Compatibility

So Phil Spencer reveals that he’s already been using the Series X almost daily in his own household. Which brings the question as to what he could possibly be playing on a console no developer has made a game for yet. Obviously this means that he’s playing current generation games (or possibly even older) via backwards compatibility. The man himself testifies that it is working quite well.

The reason for Spencer’s use of the Series X at his home was for testing. The Xbox boss explained that this allows him to share his experiences with his team in order to tweak the console for further production and performance.

That’s why I tweeted it out, because the team has just done such incredible work to get us into a position where this far ahead of launch we’re actually at home and I can actually use it as a primary console.

Phil Spencer

Adding to the big list of Xbox One games that are compatible to run on the Series X, titles on the Xbox 360 are expected for support as well. Part of Phil Spencer’s work is to boot up those games to see if they run.

I’m trying it. It’s in active development, sometimes it reboots. Not all the games today are completely compatible. We’re working through our list of approved games on it. You can see what I’m playing; there’s tons of games that work

Xbox Series X is expected to launch late into this year on the holidays. We expect the release to be sometime around November, but we still have yet to receive an official release date and more details regarding this next generation console.

Source: Gamespot

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