Phil Spencer Talks About VR For Xbox

Back in December of 2019, Phil Spencer seemingly made his thoughts clear on VR regarding it being on Xbox. The Xbox boss just doesn’t think it’s what the consumers want. That the VR was too niche for Microsoft to put any effort into. A recent interview adjusts his statement a bit by clarifying that the Xbox team just isn’t focused on virtual reality at the moment.

For the people who love VR and the experiences that are being built, no disrespect to any of the teams there. My main point was I wanted to be clear with our customers on where our focus was. If somebody was waiting for us to bring out a headset for Series X at launch, I was just trying to say, we’re not going to do that.

Spencer goes on to explain that VR isn’t just something that everyone can just plug in for their console. Since the console user interface has to be fitted for a VR interface. Since Microsoft isn’t really focused on VR as confirmed by Phil Spencer here, we can expect the the Xbox Series X might not have VR compatibility any time soon.

I don’t hope it goes away. I hope it gets bigger, I hope it’s something that’s just so important that it’d be a no brainer for us to support it. My main point wasn’t to shade anyone who’s working on VR or anything but really just about the stuff we’re focused on and that’s not part of the equation right now.

Right now, Phil Spencer is more concerned with competing for Cloud based gaming against Amazon and Google. As Samsung has announced recently that they plan to work with Microsoft to bring about this possibility using their 5G technology.

Source: Gamespot

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