Remnant 2: What to do with Plain Ribbon

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At this point, Remnant 2 can throw a piece of cloth on the ground and players will look far and wide to find the place where they are meant to go. The Plain Ribbon and the Statues event go into that category really well.

The Plain Ribbon is a curious item a player can pick up while exploring the Fae Royal Palace. While marked as a Quest item, its purpose doesn’t seem readily apparent until you come across a couple of equally interesting statues.

How to get the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2?

The Plain Ribbon can be found in broom closets injected into the sides of rooms or in the middle of a hallway depending on how the procedural generation creates the general layout of a location.

It can be found in the Gilded Chambers, Shattered Gallery, Council Chambers, and the Great Hall. It is often found next to the body of a dead Fae conscript.

Of course, that’s only half of the equation. If someone manages to find the Plain Ribbon, there is a 100% chance that a Statues event is within the same area. This also works both ways if the player manages to find the statues first before the Plain Ribbon.

The statues can be found in a garden location injected into one of the outdoor instances of that location. It involves a statue of two Fae holding hands. Quite nice to look at but can easily be overlooked if their purpose is not known. The area around the statues usually has enemies patrolling them but it’s not a place where a lot of powerful enemies frequent. (At least from our experience.)

What to do with the Plain Ribbon?

If you have the Plain Ribbon in your possession, interact with the statue and select it as an option. It will play an animation of your Traveler placing the ribbon around the wrists of the two statues. Binding them together.

You are now required to leave the area via the nearest portal. Once you get back, you will either receive the Golden Ribbon Amulet or the Silver Ribbon Amulet.

Location plays a key role in which reward ribbon will be waiting for you when you get back.

If the Statues event is found in the Gilded Chambers or the Council Chamber, you will get the Golden Ribbon. (Ours was in the Council Chamber so our ribbon became golden.)

If the Statues event is found in the Shattered Gallery or the Great Hall, you will get the Silver Ribbon.

What do the Golden and Silver Ribbons do?

The Golden Ribbon increases Mod damage by 25%. And activating a Mod grants your Traveler HASTE for 15s. As you can imagine, this Amulet goes well with any Mod-focused builds you might have in mind.

In contrast, the Silver Ribbon increases Skill damage by 25%. Activating a Skill grants your Traveler HASTE for 15s. Same deal as before but for a SKILL build.

Both ribbons are tied to a secret that only reveals itself if you have both Amulets in your inventory when next you speak to Nimue.

How to Get Nimue’s Ribbon in Remnant 2?

If you have both the Golden Ribbon and the Silver Ribbon, you can trade those in with Nimue to create Nimue’s Ribbon. This combined Amulet increases Relic Healing Effectiveness by 50%. And activating a Relic grants HASTE for 25s.

Warning: Creating Nimue’s Ribbon means that you are forfeiting the Golden and Silver Ribbons. You’ll need to find the instances again if you want to have them alongside Nimue’s Ribbon.

And that’s everything we have on the mysterious Plain Ribbon. It’s like we went down an unexpected rabbit hole on this one. A bit on the shallow side but true to the Remnant experience, we got more than we asked for.

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