Planet of Lana: Chapter 5 The Highlands Guide – Full Walkthrough and Achievements

This guide gives you a full walkthrough of the events in Chapter 5 The Highlands in Planet of Lana and shows how to obtain the achievements within it.

Planet of Lana Chapter 5 The Highlands cover

The Highlands is the fifth chapter in Planet of Lana. In this chapter, Lana and Mui continue their journey through the high peaks in search of Elo. Read ahead as we go through Chapter 5: The Highlands of Planet of Lana and share some tips on how to traverse the puzzle areas, plus reveal how to get the achievements in the chapter.

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Planet of Lana Chapter 5: The Highlands Walkthrough

The chapter starts after exiting the cave. From here, continue moving eastward until you arrive at the area where there is a trap.

Planet of Lana Chapter 5: The Highlands Walkthrough

Start by having Mui stand on the tendrils to extend the platform. Then, move the trap right about in the middle of the left ledge and the extended platform. Climb the ledge from the left and jump across towards the trap, then to the platform, then call Mui back.

For the next part, you will come across two tall lifts. Head towards the right first, and once you see the rope, climb up about a third of the way, then start swinging. Once you have enough swing to the right, let go to reach a hidden ledge that leads to Secret Shrine #5 and get the Finding Secret Shrine 5/10 Achievement.

Head back to the rope and start swinging to the left ledge. Then, ride the lift all the way down. Don’t get off the lift yet, as you need to call Mui to ride the lift with you. Make Mui stay on the lift, then get off the lift. Go back up the ledge you just climbed, and then call Mui back with you. Tell Mui to drop the rope for you to climb up on.

On to the next area, where you will encounter another alien machine. It will do an initial patrol of the area before going to patrol the upper platform.

To get past this machine, head to the right first and tell Mui to go to the hole and hide in the other hole. Then, go to the other side, where there is a patch of grass you can hide in. Wait for the machine to head towards the right before telling Mui to show up on the first hole. As soon as Mui gets detected, have Mui go back to the second hole while simultaneously running up to the upper platform and heading towards the right side.

The machine will take the lower path to resume its patrol, but once it turns around to go up again, you will be detected in its line of sight, so keep moving through the small gap to stay safe from it; you can leave Mui hidden in the tall grass and call it later as it won’t get detected.

Finally, have Mui interact with the eyeball by the vine gate and pull the vines away. The chapter ends once you slide down the cliff face.

Chapter 5: The Highlands Achievements

These are the achievements that can be obtained in this chapter:

  • Finding Secret Shrine 5/10 – Discovered a secret machine.

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