Planet of Lana: Chapter 6 The Swamp Guide – Full Walkthrough and Achievements

This guide gives you a full walkthrough of the events in Chapter 6 The Swamp in Planet of Lana and shows how to obtain the achievements within it.

Planet of Lana Chapter 6 The Swamp cover

The Swamp is the sixth chapter in Planet of Lana. In this chapter, Lana and Mui have to cross the flooded swamps to continue their search for Elo, but they also end up finding some mysterious relic from the past. Read ahead as we go through Chapter 6: The Swamp of Planet of Lana and share some tips on how to traverse the puzzle areas, plus reveal how to get the achievements in the chapter.

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Planet of Lana Chapter 6: The Swamp Walkthrough

You find yourself down in the swamps, where some parts of the area are flooded. Since Mui cannot swim, you will have to find a way to help Mui get across platforms.

Planet of Lana Chapter 6: The Swamp Walkthrough

Once you reach the first flooded area, swim across to the other side, then climb on top of the platform to find a log. Drop the log in the water and drag it as you swim to the left to let Mui ride on it. Drag it again to the right side until you hit land.

Have Mui climb up to drop the rope for you, then head to the next area.

In the next area, swim down under the rock first to extend the platform, then have Mui cross over it and stand on the tendrils to extend the other platform. Before heading up, crouch and crawl under the wall to find Secret Shrine #6 and get the Finding Secret Shrine 6/10 Achievement. Go back out and get to the next ledge.

You will then encounter an eyestalk that is connected to a water tank. Move away from the eyestalk and have Mui interact with it. Then, control the tank to raise the water level enough for you to swim and get to the other side. Don’t call Mui yet, as you need to lower the water level all the way down to let it cross to the other side.

After climbing another rope, you will find a tall drop-off. Climb down the rockface first, then jump off towards the ledge. Continue moving down into the water and go towards the left first into a cave to find Secret Shrine #7 and get the Finding Secret Shrine 7/10 Achievement.

Continue moving to the right and then climb up the rope. Then pry off the boards to let Mui pass.

Further down the path, you will find another water tank, but in order to reach its stalk, you will need to break the platform from high up first. Go all the way to the left and swing from vine to vine to get to the top. Once you are above the platform, let go of the vine to drop down.

Once you have access to the stalk, let Mui control it. First, drain the water, then swim all the way to the right to find a log. Raise the water up and down just enough that you can pull the log over the rock and swim back over to Mui. Raise the water all the way up again to make Mui ride the log, and finally take the log to the right platform. Open the vine gate, then proceed to the next area.

The chapter ends as you see another alien machine that has almost been engulfed by nature. Climb up the machine to get the A Trace From The Past Achievement and get to the next area.

Chapter 6: The Swamp Achievements

These are the achievements that can be obtained in this chapter:

  • Finding Secret Shrine 6/10 – Discovered a secret machine.
  • Finding Secret Shrine 7/10 – Discovered a secret machine.
  • A Trace From The Past – A mystical discovery.

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