Planet of Lana: Chapter 7 The Past Guide – Full Walkthrough and Achievements

This guide gives you a full walkthrough of the events in Chapter 7 The Past in Planet of Lana and shows how to obtain the achievements within it.

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The Past is the seventh chapter in Planet of Lana. In this chapter, Lana and Mui find themselves inside a crashed spaceship that appears to have brought civilization from a different planet. Read ahead as we go through Chapter 7: The Past of Planet of Lana and share some tips on how to traverse the puzzle areas, plus reveal how to get the achievements in the chapter.

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Planet of Lana Chapter 7: The Past Walkthrough

Planet of Lana Chapter 7: The Past Walkthrough

You go inside the strange structure, which turns out to be a space ship that crashed landed many centuries ago.

As you venture deeper in, you will see an electrified platform. Send Mui underneath it to deactivate the platform, then cross the platform.

Continue moving through the ship, and you will encounter a beast. To get past the beast, prepare Mui by the switch, then stand on the edge of the platform you’re on and wait for the beast to go towards the left side. Run as fast as you can towards the right, then activate the switch just as the beast stands on the electric panel to kill it. Remember to switch the panel off before calling Mui back.

Walk through the projection room, and you will arrive at a bridge. Activate the bridge with Mui, then cross to the other side. Switch off the bridge again to be able to go down to the level below.

You’ll arrive at the flooded room. Position Mui by the switch first, then move the cable contact down into the water. Swim over to the other side and do the same for the other contact. Have Mui turn on the power, then press the yellow button to extend the bridge. Turn off the power, then cross over the bridge to the next room.

Continue moving up the rooms and into the different chambers until you reach the ship’s bridge. Interact with the terminal, and you will get the bracelet and the In Control Achievement.

For the final obstacle, ride down the lift until you arrive at the platform below. First, place Mui on top of the lift, then head to the terminal on the left side to control the lift. Position the platform just to the right side of where the power switch is, then raise it up high as the lift slowly goes down once you let go. This will give you enough time to run to the lift, ride it, and then jump towards the power switch. Once you’re on, take out the vent cover so that you’ll have access to the lift controls again.

The next few steps require more timed actions. Go to the lift controls again and move the lift just so that Mui will be above the exposed cable. Let go of the controls and immediately head to the power switch to switch it off. Then have Mui cut the cable as it passes down to lower the bridge.

Finally, turn on the power once more, and then move the lift in between the platform and the bridge. Raise it up high, let go of the controls, then run towards the lowering lift and use it to be able to reach the bridge. The chapter ends as you slide down the ramp into the next area.

Chapter 7: The Past Achievements

These are the achievements that can be obtained in this chapter:

  • In Control – Finding the bracelet.

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