Platinum Games Expanding Their Studio

When it comes to making something fun and stylish, Platinum Games fails to disappoint. Just take a look at Bayonetta, Nier Automata, and Metal Gear Rising. Well, said studio just decided to expand themselves in order to have time for more fun projects. Platinum Director, Hideki Kamiya, revealed this when talking to IGN Japan about them opening a new office in Tokyo. Kamiya mentioned that the office will be staffed with “crazy people who want to make games.”

Platinum Games wants to bring 100 more employees as currently they have around 240. This new office is meant to do just that by giving them more manpower in creating video games. However, this new office located in Tokyo will be focused more on creating live-service games as opposed to what Platinum is usually known for making (a story driven shorter experience).

This may come off as bad news to others, given the reputation for live-service games and its baggage of having shady business practices. But Platinum COO, Atsushi Inaba, states out that it isn’t just for making live-service games. The studio also plans on having more people work on more games in general.

First of all, we do not have enough staff at the moment. It’s a nice problem to have, but we get a lot of work offers from other publishers, for example something like Nier Automata where we can collaborate on the publisher’s IP, or to make original titles for a publisher, and we are limited to how many projects we can take on. So there are a lot of projects that we have to turn down, and I think it would be better to increase our capacity so we can work on more fun projects.

While Platinum Games does have their own original works, they do frequently partner up with other publishers. Such works include Metal Gear Rising and Nier Automata. So this may mean that Platinum Games is becoming more popular and the studio needs more manpower in order to work multiple projects.

Source: IGN