PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Paramo Map Brought Back for Season 11

Game company Krafton, Inc. is bringing back the Paramo Map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11.

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Update 11.1 will be adding new content, bringing back old stuff, and expanding some options. It introduces the new Emergency Pickup Item that reminds players of the Metal Gear Solid Fulton Recovery mechanic.

The new season will be updating the Medal Mastery System and it will expand the PUBG ID Customization options.

Paramo is a popular 3x3 map that is set in the highlands of South America that feature terrain changes throughout its battleground. Players can try this out when Season 11 drops on March 31 for PC and consoles on April 8. This was actually introduced way back in Season 9 in October 2020. It also includes extra field cover, expanded dynamic world system that modifies major landmarks between matches, increased item spawn rates in the Secret Room and for the Care Package Helicopter, and the ability to create custom games with the map.

Here are the updates and new mechanics introduced in Season 11:

  • New Ranked Season: Starting with Season 11, Ranked Seasons will run for a two-month period, meaning these seasons will no longer run in parallel with Survivor Passes. As a result, adjustments have been made to how rewards are rolled out. Additionally, spawn rates of all weapons have been increased in all maps to more closely align with the rates seen in PUBG’s Esports mode.
  • Emergency Pickup: A new transport tool has been added that allows Survivors and their squads to quickly move across the Battlegrounds to the next safe zone. With the Emergency Pickup item, Survivors can deploy a high-altitude Fulton Balloon. Once the balloon is fully inflated, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds to pick up Survivors. Once the airplane arrives, up to four Survivors will be hoisted into the air and carried toward the center of the White Zone until they decide to drop out and parachute back to the Battleground below. While this item is heavy and can draw increased attention from nearby enemies, it can be used to outrun the Blue Zone, cross enemy-controlled territory quickly or loot a remote location to find powerful gear. The Emergency Pickup is a lootable item only found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. 
  • Mastery Medals: To improve ways Survivors can track and highlight their key in-game accomplishments, Season 11 introduces updates to the Mastery Medal system. There are now 10 new medals that can be earned through various Battlegrounds achievements tied to combat situations and survival – or in the case of the “So Close” medal, almost surviving. Mastery Medals can be acquired in both Normal and Ranked matches, however, are unavailable to earn in Arcade, Lab, or Custom matches.  
  • PUBG ID: Related to the Mastery Medal update, Survivors can now show off their earned medal as part of the revamped PUBG ID. In addition to being able to add up to two medals, Survivors can take additional steps to personalize PUBG ID through the Customization tab.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11 will launch on March 31 for PC and April 8 for consoles.

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Here’s the Patch Report video: