PlayStation 4 Firmware 9.00 Beta Download Out Now

Adds parental control notification and more features.

PlayStation 4

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released the PlayStation 4 firmware 9.00 beta and now available for download.

Firmware 9.00 beta, according to media outlet TechNClub was released along with the PS5 beta that adds support for M.2 SSDs and other accessibility improvements. This one is for the PS4 and only users who are participating in the beta test of the update can receive emails to notify them for the download.

This new firmware beta update offers a certain feature that the latest official version does not have yet. It allows users to show the PS5 trophies on the PS4. This integrates both statistics into one section now.

Aside from that, the latest FW beta update has introduced new features to the group messages. Players who will block will a user will prompt the system to ask them if they want to leave the group that they have in common with that one person they blocked. This would be beneficial for those who do not want to feel awkward while still in group messages.

Parental control has a new feature too, an option that will allow the system to send a notification to the PlayStation App if a player wants to request a game to play that got restricted.

No official release date yet for the official version of PlayStation 4 firmware 9.00 download, but only the beta users can get it right now.