PlayStation 5 Scalper’s Prices Dropping

You're still better off waiting...

playstation 5

If you have a PlayStation 5 at your disposal, you basically have the Holy Grail. A hyperbole, sure. But looking for this Sony console in the recent year might as well be a sacred quest all on its own. Thanks to the lockdowns experienced all across the world and scarcity of the hardware, this makes getting your hands on a PS5 all the more challenging. This is even more thanks to scalpers who have taken advantage of the desperation by hogging as much of the console and selling it for ludicrous prices.

Now don’t get your hopes up. Scalpers might be lowering their price tag on the PS5, but they’re still considerably high. But if you’ve been desperate and can’t wait any longer, then this might be good news for you.

According to a Forbes report, the PlayStation 5 console scalping prices are dropping on StockX. At their peak, scalpers would often sell the latest gen console for as much as $1000. Twice the asking price for a standard PS5 you can get from official retail stores.

Scalpers are still seeing a profit. But after it’s been acknowledged to be a pretty big problem among the gaming community, they haven’t been profiting as much as they’d probably like. While it may be tempting to buy a PlayStation 5 from a scalper for a reduced price, we’d still recommend just saving your money and waiting for better opportunities.