PlayStation Plus Asia Subscribers Charged More for Tier Upgrades

PS Plus Asia Subscribers found out the hard way.

Some PlayStation Plus Asia subscribers have been asked to pay for more than the normal amount in order to upgrade to the higher tiers according to a new report.

PlayStation Plus Asia Subscribers Had to Pay More

PS Plus subscription are sometimes offered at lower prices due to some sale or event. For the longest time, this was a big perk for subscribers as they would just wait for it to be discounted and stack or re-subscribe to the service again saving up money in the process. It seems this has now changed as Sony Interactive Entertainment might have made some edits to their policy.

According to some subscribers, when they were going to upgrade their subscription to a higher tier (PS Plus Extra or Deluxe/Premium), they were surprised to see a very hefty price for it. This meant that the original discount is now void because they will have to make up for that discount plus the standard price for the upgrade. In some way, it just doubled the amount instead.

Hong Kong Subscriber Testimonial

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This testimonial was translated by media outlet GameSpot. One Hong Kong subscriber asked the PlayStation customer service to clarify this on their end and they actually did. This person was a member and has two years in his account and when he wanted to upgrade to Tier 2, he needed to pay 600 HK.

The customer service confirmed that the subscriber needed to pay for all two years. It is not possible to upgrade just one year because all of the remaining amount days must be upgraded.

The subscriber then revealed that his friend had the same plan to upgrade to PlayStation Plus Extra and only had a month less compared to his subscription length, but only need to pay 400 HK. The customer service then asked if he bought the subscription with a discount. The caller confirmed and that is when the representative stated this.

“Then that’s why. For that subscription, you need to pay the full standard price, and then only can you upgrade.”

Pay More to Make Up for Past Discounts

PlayStation Plus subscribers would need to make up for the discount and then can they upgrade to the higher tier levels. They would have to pay more compared to the others who got their subscription at regular prices. It seems that SIE is trying to make it fair for everyone, but it is quite a hassle to pay for more. It would have been better to just clear up the discounted subscription and then get a new one with regular prices.

PS1 Classic Games are PAL Versions

Another hiccup that was discovered by PlayStation Plus Asia subscribers was the PS1 Classic games. Many users confirmed that all first-party games included in PS Plus Premium/Deluxe are PAL 50hz versions of the game. VGC Editor Andy Robinson also confirmed this on his Twitter account.

Why is this an issue? PAL 50hz games are said to be the inferior versions of PS1 Classic games. They are slower, have more stutter, and have tons of issues. The version that everyone generally uses worldwide right now is NTSC.

Also, this has also happened in another incident. The PS Classic console, a mini version of the PS1 console, was released a few years ago. It was run by an emulator and the games inside were also in PAL 50hz, which might have been one of causes of its downfall. Only a few got sold and it seems it got abandoned quickly.

Choose Wisely

So for those who are planning to upgrade to a higher PS Plus tier, better check on the amount of money you need to pay before accepting it. Also, you might want to check out more posts online giving their feedback about the PS1 Classics included in the PS Plus Deluxe/Premium tier.

If you are still interested to upgrade, check this article out.