PlayStation Plus May 2020 Lineup Reportedly Leaked With Major Games

While everyone is enjoying free games from the PlayStation Plus April 2020 lineup and recently the Stay at Home initiative, a leak was recently revealed on a certain website. The games included are quite major.

PlayStation Plus May 2020 leaked games triple A

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has not dropped any info on the upcoming games for the PS Plus May 2020 lineup, but there are already leaks from Resetera gaming forums. The poster alleged that two big games are coming this May 2020, which are Dying Light and Dark Souls Remastered. Both are triple A games in their own genre and would be quite a boon for everyone who has PS Plus subscription.

Dying Light is a first person zombie apocalypse survival game with several DLCs to enhance gameplay and content. Dark Souls Remastered is an upgraded version of the original game set in medieval times with tons of scary monsters and you die tons of times in order to learn.

And as always, take this rumor with a grain of salt, nothing officially confirmed yet from Sony.

Source: Resetera