PlayStation Studios Head Reveals PC Version of PS Games Not Coming Soon

Horizon: Zero Dawn

In the latest interview with PlayStation Studios Head Hermen Hulst, he revealed what he thinks about the PC ports of their PlayStation games.

Hulst shared that he is happy to report that their first PS4 game that came to PC, Horizon Zero Dawn, was successful and that more games will be coming to that platform later on.

The PS Studios head did emphasize that the best way to enjoy their games is still on the PlayStation consoles at launch. They still value PC gamers, but their games will be coming at a later time, which he calls “the right times to launch each game.” Days Gone launched last month and that was two years ago since its first release on PS4. It seems he is trying to say that other games will be released in that same manner too.

So, for those who are excited to hear some news of maybe Uncharted titles or maybe other PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, it will not be coming to another platform anytime soon. It will take years and not months for the wait.

Interview source: PlayStation Blog