Pokemon Legends Arceus Patch 1.1.1 Fixes Shiny Charm Bug

Easier to get Shiny pokemon now!

Game Freak and Nintendo has recently released the new Pokemon Legends Arceus patch 1.1.1 to finally fix a certain bug.

One of the most wanted in many Pokemon games is catching the very rare Shiny variant of a Pokemon. These are the same Pokemon but has a different color and has higher stats than normal. It is incredibly difficult to find one in the wild, which is why the Shiny Charm is most essential as it increases the chances of encountering shiny Pokemon. Unfortunately, there was a bug that prevented players from getting it even though you have already completed the Pokedex, which was the least requirement.

With patch 1.1.1, it has finally made it possible to get the Shiny Charm again. In order to get it now after installing patch 1.1.1, players only need to return to Professor Laventon in Galaxy Hall located in Jubilife Village. Talk to the professor and he should give the players the Shiny Charm this time.

This has finally made it possible to get the charm and now players can easily catch the rarest Pokemon types. It will still be rare to find, but at least an increased chance to encounter one.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.