Leakers of Pokemon Sword and Shield Content Now Must Pay $150,000 Damages

The leakers who released information way too early about Pokemon Sword and Shield way back in 2019 is now facing the consequences of their actions.

These two fans who released details about the game are now being fined a total of $300,000. This was found in the recently newly-field court documents that The Pokemon Company filed against these individuals. They describe the act as stealing trade secrets by snapping illicit pictures from an unreleased strategy guide.

One of the fans was an employee at LSC Communications, which was the one that printed the strategy guide of the game. The other was the one who received the photos of the guide via group chat and then posted those images on Discord, which made it public.

Unfortunately for them, the ruling cannot be appealed anymore. Both of them will have to pay $150K each for the damages they did for leaking Pokemon Sword and Shield information.

Thanks Eurogamer!