Potion Craft Sells 100K Copies 3 Days After Release

The potions are practically selling themselves!

Potion Craft Alchemist Simulator Featured Image

Publisher tinyBuild and developer niceplay games are proud to announce the confirmation that their alchemist simulator game, Potion Craft, has officially sold 100k units. Because of these sales, the game managed to take the #1 spot on the Steam Global Top Sellers chart for three consecutive days.

Early reception of the game was “very positive”, with a 92% rating on Steam.

Watch the gameplay overview trailer here

Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator where you physically interact with your tools and ingredients to brew potions. You’re in full control of the whole shop: invent new recipes, attract customers, and experiment to your heart’s content. Just remember: the entire town is counting on you!

About Potion Craft:

  • Manage a Medieval Potion Shop: Meet your fellow townsfolk, understand their needs from the stories they are telling you, and sell them the right potions to keep your business running. Buy and sell ingredients, grow your own in Enchanted garden, and do whatever it takes to stay in business. Sell your potions to the townsfolk while roleplaying as a noble artisan, a greedy weasel, and occult dark master, or whomever else you may wish to be.
  • Unique Visuals Inspired by Medieval Manuscripts and Medical Texts: Dive into an authentic Medieval atmosphere created by carefully crafted character, interiors, and a relaxing soundtrack.
  • Hyper Satisfying Physical Interactions with Ingredients and Equipment: Harvest herbs, mushrooms, and crystals from the Enchanted Garden. Grind them carefully with your mortar and pestle to release their effects and add them to your cauldron.
  • Sandbox Style Alchemy Map System: Mix up a nice healing infusion with mana restoration, or add a frost effect to your regular poison for some extra spice. Fire, frost, healing, poison, explosion, magical vision, invisibility…. your potions potential is near limitless!
  • Work with All Sorts of Ingredients: Leaves, flowers, berries, roots, fruits, minerals, and a plethora of mushrooms are at the ready for your mortal and pestle. Just like espresso, the fineness of the grind matters!
  • Learn the Art of Potion Making: Concoct your potion plan. Grind ingredients and carefully mix them in your cauldron. Heat the coals and stir. Add the base: water, oil, or… something else. Congrats on your first potion! Was it easy to learn? Now try mastering it!
  • Experiment and Invent New Recipes: Carefully plan your route via the Alchemy Map to combine different effects. Be mindful of common sense: you won’t find a market for a poisonous healing potion… right? Or would you?
  • Buy Ingredients or Grow Your Own: Every alchemist needs ingredients. You can buy them from traveling merchants: it can be pricey, but successful haggling may save you some coin. Or you can grow your own!
  • Get Creative with Customizing: Want to give a special appearance to your best potions? Go ahead! Change bottle shape, label type, icon, and colors. You can even give it a custom name and label description. Carefully arrange your unique potions to showcase them on your shop’s shelves and tables… or carelessly throw them around – we’re not gonna tell you what to do, just have fun!

For more information about the game, visit its Steam page! Or you can visit the game’s official page!